CLP As Optional Career Path for Law Graduates

I’ve been studying law for a number of years, but only recently did I encounter the term CLP or Certificate in Legal Practice. Apparently, you need a good foundation course in law to pass the course and examination. I was unsure if my foundation in law was sufficient for me to have my CLP. This is taken by foreign university law graduates. Since law opens different career options, a CLP or a Certificate in Legal Practice is one of the tools in order to pursue a profession related to law. If you’re a law graduate from another country and you want to be a qualified advocate and solicitor in Malaysia, taking up the CLP is the best course of action for you. I was wondering if this was also a good option for me to take. Though, I never considered relocating and living in Malaysia before, I am definitely thinking about it now. I printed the information I looked up online using my new Samsung CLP 620 printer.

If you are a university graduate from United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, then you are allowed by the board to take the exam. The process isn’t easy. The CLP does not mean you are a certified lawyer. Being a lawyer is different from having a Certificate in Legal Practice, because after having this, you will still need to apprentice somewhere and then after a couple of months, you will be qualified to become an advocate and solicitor after the BAR.

I was having second thoughts as to whether this was going to be a smart choice for me. If I stay in my country, I do not need to go through all those hassle. Law school is difficult enough to finish, having the CLP as my goal is an added stress. Also, if I can go directly to taking the BAR exams, then I would be a certified lawyer.