The Benefits of Using a Serviced Office

Many companies today are opting to operate in serviced offices in Singapore. This assures convenience without compromising on quality. When a company gets serviced office space, it can move in immediately.

An indication of how well offices that are serviced have been received can be seen in their increased use all over the world in the last one decade. Initially, they could only be found in the major cities. Today however, they are to be found in any significantly sized town.

The cost of taking up serviced space may look high. It is usually surprising however, to realize that getting a serviced office to rent ends up being cheaper than offices that companies lease in the conventional way. This is because furniture and utilities are already catered for when one pays for the office space.

Serviced offices for rent typically come fully furnished with all the modern furniture usually required in an office. These offices are also wired with everything from phones and Internet, to local area networks. Some even have teleconference facilities that are already installed and ready for use.

A company that decides to get serviced office space to rent can be assured that there are no hidden costs such as those that are normally associated with renting commercial space. When one pays rent for this kind of office, such services as electricity, air conditioning, maintenance, and security are included. This then means that, one does not have to pay for these services every month. A tenant needs to only pay rent and everything is covered. Most commercial space has Internet and telephone services which are charged as per the usage. The trend however, is changing with serviced offices. Most are offering unlimited use services at a flat rate, which is included in the rent.

While it may not be universal, many of these offices are now having secretarial services as part of the package. These cover a wide range of services which include receiving and making calls, sending and receiving faxes, and receiving visitors.

The best possible thing about renting serviced space has to do with the terms of the lease. While a normal commercial lease agreement requires a commitment of at least three years, a serviced office lease is different. One can get leases which are as short as three months, although they normally run for a period of nine to twelve months. These short-term leases give companies a much desired flexibility.

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