Dedicated Servers for Your Website

Dedicated servers are being used all over the world right now by different types of website owners. This may just be technical jargon to you, but moving your website to a dedicated server could be the difference between harnessing your website’s potential and unleashing it. A dedicated server is a server that is completely dedicated to and only hosts your website. Obviously, this can come with loads of benefits.

One of the first perks to having your own dedicated server is that all the resources belong to you. Generally on a shared web hosting plan, you share server space and resources with other website owners. During peak hours, this can pose problems due to the server being bogged down by incoming requests for all the different websites. Having a dedicated server completely eliminates the risk of this. Additionally, you will probably experience attractive page load times!

When you own a dedicated server, you can also rest easy knowing that it will be reliable. When a server is in the hands of someone else, for example on a shared web hosting plan, you can only trust so much that things won’t go wrong, but you never know. And if they do, you don’t know when they’ll be addressed. With your own dedicated server, reliability increases dramatically.

Customization is another huge plus. Generally, when you’re renting a server from someone else or a company, you have to use the settings that they set forth or want, and this can pose problems if you desire certain custom features. With a dedicated server, all options are on the table. For example, you can choose the type of security or operating system (down to the service pack version) that you want to run. Flexibility is definitely on your side with a dedicated server.

A dedicated server will also allow you to get a unique IP address through it. This can help dramatically if you’re running something such as a marketing campaign online. A unique IP address can come in handy in many different situations, so this is definitely another huge advantage.

Upgrading hardware and having full control over the machine is another huge plus to having a dedicated server. Not pleased with the processing power of your unit? You can easily purchase another compatible processor and install it yourself within minutes instead of hoping that someone else will. Everything hardware-wise is under your command and control.

Of course, a dedicated server wouldn’t be what it is without its perk of cloud hosting. Cloud hosting allows you to access your files from a remote location, and a dedicated server can make this a reality. Imagine being able to easily connect to it from anywhere in the world to maintain or modify your files?

Obviously, there are so many perks to upgrading to a dedicated server that it would be silly not to. If you have big plans for your website, it’s a good idea to go ahead and upgrade before your bandwidth or space is exhausted due to traffic or other “tenants” on the server.

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