Serviced Offices in Conducive Locations

The serviced office industry has seen tremendous growth in the past few decades. The history of such offices dates back to the 1980s, when the call centers evolved to cater for traveling businesspersons. In the US, lawyers were among the first professionals to apply this concept. They would group themselves into compartments where they would share premises, clerks and other essential resources.


A serviced office is an office space that is fully furnished, with as many as 100 workstations or more. The concept was developed primarily to offer office solutions to businesses that want to keep their overheads and liabilities low. The concept works very well with small enterprises that need protection from unexpected market conditions. There is also a cost advantage involved in this type of office set up.

Many people often confuse a serviced office with a virtual office. There is no doubt that both concepts have many similarities. However, most people tend to ignore the slight differences between these two types of offices. One major difference is the fact that virtual offices do not have a physical address that is accessible 24 hours a day.


The clients of virtual offices have access to the business center and its resources, only during the official working hours. Such resources include a prestigious business address and professional executives to answer calls on behalf of the business. These calls are then transferred to the main client business.


Watch The Advantages Of Using Virtual Offices


It is a wise choice for small enterprises to look for a great location that offers a serviced office to rent. This is not only because of the cost effectiveness of such a business setup but also because of several other benefits. One such benefit is that the company will be housed in a prestigious building that is likely to have a prominent address. The offices also have the latest equipment in terms of telecommunication and office supplies.


A lot of flexibility is guaranteed when a client purchases or rents a serviced office space. The client can also obtain a direct business license without the need to spend more money to pay for a lawyer. Some offices even feature an onsite IT support team who facilitate the entire technological infrastructure within the building.


There are various typical features of serviced offices for rent. These features and services include shared office space, executive meeting rooms, videoconferencing, virtual offices, a lounge area and fully furnished offices. Some of the more high-status serviced offices have an onsite restaurant as well as onsite parking.

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