How to Register an Offshore Company in Singapore

Singapore is a republic in southeast Asia that is recognized for its strategic port location and business-friendly economy. It is a former naval port and has been described as the Gibraltar of the East. It is one of the busiest shipping areas in the world. Many international corporations are interested in registering in Singapore for several reasons:

1. its strategic port location,

2. its skilled and economical workforce,

3. low tax rates for companies, and

4. business infra-structure.

Singapore has one of the most innovative and competitive economies in the world. Other business sectors that may be interested in registering in Singapore may include the following:

1. shipping industries, refinery centers, and ship repairers,

2. tourism businesses that include casino gambling and medical tourism for elective procedures, and

3. education students who are interested in studying abroad in Singapore.

An offshore company formation in Singapore may be similar to forming a BVI company. This type of business may have a nominee director and a company secretary. These two company positions are requirements to setup a Singapore company. Other specific information for forming an offshore business in Singapore may be found with You may also learn more about Adding The Roles Of Nominee Directors Into Your New Company.

This type of business may be successful for the business entity who is traveling overseas to Singapore. The company sales or products may be presented in this country by providing certain criteria for a Singapore business. An employment pass may be required for foreign applicants. There may be certain advantages for setting up a business here. Other services may be needed when the sales person or business owner is in Singapore. These other services may include the following:

1. Accounting and bookkeeping services that include certain Singapore-specific documents may be available.

2. Auditing and certain compliance issues may be addressed after registering the business in Singapore. The company that is registered in Singapore may have a more seamless entry into this economy and into its various markets.

3. Income tax services may be provided to the company. Having the company registered in Singapore may allow the business to pay a lower tax rate. Any errors may be avoided with this type of arrangement.

4. Employment passes are available for the business persons who are transacting business in this country. Having the required documents ahead of time may make the business sales easier to complete.