Common Mistakes Made During the IELTS Writing Section by Real Ingenious Academic

As an IELTS teacher, whenever I set a writing practice, I am constantly presented with identical mistakes in every essay I mark.  I find myself making the same corrections and comments all the time. So I’ve put together some of the most common mistakes I come across when marking my IELTS students essays.

1)     Incorrect articles – a, an, the.

2)     Incorrect prepositions or they are simply not used at all. This is tricky as there are no rules for prepositions so you just need to go away and learn them.

3)     Students write “In this essay I will write about” – one of my pet peeves.

4)     Mixing up their tenses.

5)     Overusing ambiguous pronouns such as ‘it’ and ‘they’, until the point I have no idea what they are referring to. There should always be a clear noun.

6)     Incorrect comparatives, for example they write ‘more smarter’ instead of ‘smarter’

If you want to get a good score on your IELTS writing make sure you avoid all of these common mistakes as best you can.

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