The English School Syllabus: A UK Heritage in Malaysia

International student education systems using the British school model as framework to instruction focus on the United Kingdom’s best practices to private K-10, college and vocational education administration. Prince of Wales International School (POWIIS) is part of the growing number of private schools in Malaysia. Educational and institutional goals at POWIIS reflect those proscribed under international school policies. The English school approach to teaching and instruction design of school syllabi is one of annotated planning.

Reference to British education policies on curriculum, resources and teaching of pupils is relevant to the implementation of school syllabi in private, international schools in Malaysia. POWIIS follows this rubric in preparation of students to standardized testing, evaluation and entrance to higher education institutions. English schools syllabi are evaluated according to the UK’s College Learning Effectiveness Inventory (CLEI). The assessment analyses data about progress and perception of instructional methods by administrators, faculty and students.

In part to the UK Education Act of 2002, compulsory application of instructional guidelines to school instruction require that for each subject taught, key stages and programs of study must be followed. Key Stages refer to four phases in pupil education, commencing with Key Stage 1: Ages 5 to 7 years and completing with Key Stage 4: Ages 14-16 years. The Act advises what pupils should be taught with attainment targets. Instruction is the sole decision of schools and their programs of study.

The history of English school priorities is prefaced by the birth of the modern British public school system in 1938. Establishment of the Local Education Authorities (LEA) outlined in a Report to Parliament provides rules on matriculation of students: 1) grammar, 2) secondary modern, and 3) technical. Equal opportunities for children of all backgrounds are part of the scope of new liberties to follow the legislation.

UK civic education legislation amendment was ratified after the Education Act of 1944, and as a result of Education Bill HC Deb 19 January 1944 vol. 396 cc207-322 207 § Order of Second Reading, laid the foundation for modern international schools abroad. The Education Act of 1944 was followed by similar legislative enacted as policy in Scotland in 1945, which ensures free secondary education to all Scots.

Prince of Wales International School is British international school in Malaysia guided by England’s school policy and practice. Mandate for equitable education and the highest caliber of school instruction for all students is recognized.