Tips for Buying and Applying Makeup

Every morning, women wake up across the world and apply makeup to their faces. Some of them are practically or literally professionals, but others could use a few tips to help their faces really glow and shine.

Choosing the Right Foundation
When searching for makeup online, ladies need to be certain that they are choosing the correct foundation color. One that is too light will not cover much at all, and foundations that are too dark can actually make the skin look dirty. In the department store setting, women often have the opportunity to try a bit on to see how it works. Selecting a matching powder is important as well.

Makeup artist, Erica Carr, walks through tips for Choosing the Right Foundation in this pro makeup tutorial video


Using Proper Light
It can be hard to apply sleek makeup in the wrong type of light, and a professional makeup mirror might be the answer. Before putting on makeup, women should ensure that the room has the proper lighting and move if it does not. It’s also wise to see how the face looks in different types of lights, and this note is especially true for people who are going to be in unusual lighting situations.


The Eyeshadow Question
For years, ladies have been hearing that they must use three different colors on their eyelids. The middle shade should serve as the lid shade, the darkest shade should go in the crease and the lightest shade should go up to the brow. While this could be true depending on the look the lady wants to achieve, it’s also important to consider how it looks. A sparkly blue shadow all the way up to the brow is not always the most appealing.

Watch This Step by Step Eyeshadow Tutorial For All Eye Shapes!

Age Appropriate Makeup
Women also need to consider the appropriateness of the makeup they purchase, be it from Edward Bess or elsewhere, in terms of their age. Sparkles and glitter can be fun for teenagers and young 20-somethings, but its appeal starts to fade as women become older than that. Some makeup, a dark red lipstick with caked-on foundation for example, can actually make a woman look older than she actually is. Therefore, it’s important to consider this factor when selecting makeup products.

For some, makeup is second nature, and they could probably perfectly applying their makeup in the dark. However, others still need a little bit of guidance when it comes to all of the potions and lotions that they see displayed before their eyes (more info on Beauty Advice Passed Down Through Generations).