Using Corflute Sheets as Tree Guards

It is only in the recent years when people have come to realize the value of trees to the environment. Most of the trees have been cut down to give way to new roads and buildings. As a result, there are more floods since there are not enough trees to catch and store water from heavy rainfalls. Since urban areas lack trees, there are only a few to absorb the carbon dioxide and pollutants in the air.

For the above-mentioned reasons, even if a number of them have limited space, they try to plant a tree within their vicinity. However, the first years of planting a tree are crucial so it is best to consider using a tree guard to keep it protected from the environment and to maximize its growth.

What Is A Tree Guard? 

This is a fence surrounding the tree, which allows it to grow and at the same time, protects it from being damaged. This can be made from a range of materials, one of which is corflute.


Advantages of Tree Guards 

• They can incorporate trees into city life.

Even though there is not much space in the city to plant trees, tree guards can give them enough space to grow while pedestrians have their own space.

• They protect from damage.

They prevent damage caused by animals and pests.

• They are durable and long lasting.

They are resistant to fire, rust, and fading.

• They are customizable.

These can be customized according to the preferred size, shape, or color.

Corflute Sheets Used As Tree Guards 

Corflute sheets are made from high quality, rigid plastic. They can be used for a vast assortment of applications, one of which is for tree guards. They are durable to withstand general weather conditions. These make them ideal for protecting trees against animals and wind damage, especially during their vulnerable younger stages.

Made from corrugated plastic, they are easiest to install among all tree guards since they don’t have to be connected together. One seam is welded while the others are folded. They continue to be presentable for a longer time and can easily be transported.

Tree guards can allow trees to grow, even in the city, where there is only limited space and corflute sheets are one of the best materials to use as tree guards. These are available in your choice of color, size, and shape. To know more about these, you can visit

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