5 Low-Maintenance Nail Care Tips

When your fingernails are in good condition, your hands will look healthy and attractive. While it’s not hard to get nice looking nails, it does take a little bit of work. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your fingernails and would like to learn how you can get them looking healthier and more visually appealing, these five nail care tips will help you.

Five Nail Care Tips 

1. Keep It Clean. You must clean your nails if you want them to be attractive, especially underneath the nail. Dirt and grime can get trapped under your fingernails, and that is why it is important to clean them often.


2. Keep Nails Dry. After washing your hands, make sure you dry your fingernails. Wet fingernails can attract bacteria, so it is important to keep your fingernails dry.

3. Moisturize. If you want your hands and nails to be soft and healthy, you must moisturize them. When you use hand lotion, make sure you pay special attention to your fingernails. Fingernails can benefit greatly from moisturizing.

4. Trim Nails. Jagged, untrimmed nails are not attractive or healthy. If you want your fingernails to be truly healthy and attractive, you must keep them trimmed. When trimming your nails, use a pair of fingernail clippers. Never bite your nails because this can cause damage.

5. Use A Pretty Polish. Applying a pretty nail polish to your fingernails is a great way to keep them looking pretty. While there are many different nail polish brands in a variety of colors, Butter London creates great nail polish (7 Fun And Interesting Uses For Nail Polish). If you want to try nail polish created by this company, you can buy nail polish online through a beauty store.



If you want to keep your fingernails healthy and attractive, try following the above listed five tips. When you keep your fingernails clean and dry, moisturize, trim, and use a pretty polish, your fingernails will look and feel beautiful. If you would like to find a pretty polish to help you with the fifth tip on this list, you should consider buying nail polish created by Butter London.