The new year is here and many long anticipated fantasy novels are on their way to finally being published. After the long wait it’s time and you are ready to sit back and indulge on the up and coming novels of 2014. With so many options you might be confused on where to start first. The following novels are some of the most discussed and loved books that will appear on the shelves for the new year.


The Undead Pools

The Hollows, #12
Kim Harrison

The Hollows series is an urban fantasy novel that is based in the suburbs of Cincinnati. Rachel Morgan is a witch who has fought off demons, vampires, human beings who dwell in magic and just about everything under the sun (and those who can’t walk in the sun). This twelfth book is going to focus on the results of Rachel’s saving the Ever After from shrinking and disappearing forever. With spells now going wrong and truces between the inlanders and humans falling apart; Rachel will be forced to once again step up and help end the madness. The love/hate relationship between Rachel and her elf friend Trent will also be addressed which is a huge part of why this book is so anticipated. This is one of the most discussed fantasy books in 2014; since Kim Harrison left her fans dripping with anxiety over what would happen next, leaving the last book in the series with a dynamic cliff hanger.


Up From the Grave

Night Huntress, #7
Jeaniene Frost

Cat and Bones have weaved their way in to the hearts of many. Fans of Cat and Bones will be very heart broken to hear that this is the very last Night Huntress book, finalizing the series. With Up From the Grave we find Cat and Bones fighting once again except this time it’s the ones they love the most that they are fighting for. With one final adventure that will leave readers on the edge of their seats, the duo must search for Cat’s old team members who have gone missing. Mixed with dark humor, shocking revelations, dramatic moments and the undeniable passion between Cat and Bones, fans will end this series with loose ends tied up, and an appearance of past loved characters. The twists and turns of this novel will leave you thinking, long after you have finished the final pages.


Prince of Fools

The Red Queen’s War, #1
Mark Lawrence

This novel has been the form of many nail-biting discussions of up and coming Fantasy books of 2014. Fans of Mark Lawrence and his novels that are not aware of Prince of Fools, will be happy to hear about the upcoming new series. This book features the Red Queen, feared and dreaded by many for her ruthless fight against the war and those who are power hungry standing behind the nations. Her grandson Prince Jalan is our hero who would prefer to not be involved with the throne and avoids the queen at all costs. Faced with the ability to see The Silent Sister, a secret weapon the Queen holds dear, Jalan’s world is sent crashing. It is then he finds out the truth, and all is not as the Queen claims it to be. Jalan is intertwined with others in a series of events that will put him, and the fate of the long war in his hands. Filled with magic, action and dark humor this novel will leave readers excited to find out what happens next.


The Shattered Crown

Steelhaven Trilogy, #2
Richard Ford

While this author is not as well known as many of the other anticipated fantasy novels in 2014. Those who have read his past books know how well he can craft a vision and put it into writing. When we left the last book in this series, King Cael had perished ,and his daughter now bears the weight of the Steel Crown, all alone. Filled with betrayal, dark magic, brutal violence and mystery this novel weaves a story of a kingdom at war within it’s realm and beyond. Well developed characters dealing with lots of action and unimaginable missions to protect their kingdom is what makes this novel one of the most anticipated for 2014.

Fantasy authors are everywhere, and new books are coming out each year, with all kinds of specific sub genres in the fantasy department. Regardless of which novels you are awaiting release dates from, it’s highly suggested that you check out the novels listed above. Let your reading palette savor all the new and up and coming fantasy series’.

You never know what you might find in the fantastic cauldron of fantasy books.