Obviously no one wants a small bedroom, but sometimes that’s all we can get. Whether for affordability reasons or just because it’s what currently available, a small bedroom may be the only feasible option. In those cases, don’t fret. There are design techniques that can be taken to make your small bedroom look much larger than it is.


mirror in the bedroom
Mirror make bedroom seen larger because of reflective image.


1. Add Mirrors

One way to make your bedroom look much bigger than it actually is is by purchasing mirrors. When you place mirrors in your bedroom, you’re able to give off the impression that there’s more space and depth than there really is. That’s thanks to the reflective image. Closet mirrors are very popular for this reason. Now, you can stuff all of your clothes in the closet on the inside, while expanding the sense of space on the outside.


Attached your headboard to the wall to make your room seen bigger.


2. Attach Your Headboard to the Wall

Another way to save some space in your room, which ultimately helps the area look bigger, is by hanging your headboard to the wall. When you do that, you are clearing up room on the floor. Again, the more empty space there is on the floor, the larger your small bedroom will appear to those around you.


Look for a bed that has drawers underneath for more storage options and make your room look bigger.


3. Take Advantage of Storage Options

Remember, when your bedroom is cluttered, this will make the area look even smaller than it actually is. That’s why you should opt for as many storage units as you possibly can. Besides purchasing baskets and containers to hold your belongings, you can also look for a bed that has drawers underneath. This piece of bedroom furniture will give you even more storage space.


4. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Big, Bold Items


A lot of times home owners don’t want to put a huge item in their room because they’re worried that the object will take up too much space, causing the bedroom to look smaller than it actually is. However, that’s not true. You have to play around with scale here. If you place a large item in your bedroom, it will automatically draw the attention of any visitors. This will play a trick on their eyes, as the room will look a lot more spacious because of how large the item is.


5. Make a Jewel Box

Of course many home owners decide to create a jewel box in their bedrooms so that they can distract guests by how small their bedroom is. By placing a jewel-box effect into the room that’s made up of a distinct pattern, the visitor’s attention is diverted away from how tight the area is. Instead, they are focused on the jewel box itself.


bad room
Apply same fabric pattern in your bedroom to make it look larger.

6. Use Repeat Patterns

One of the most common methods used to make a small bedroom look larger is to cover the area in the same fabric. By using a repeat pattern all over the walls, bed skirt and headboard, the room itself looks more unified. This in turn makes all the difference, leaving the walls looking more elongated than they actually are.