More and more industrial end users are turning to suppliers such as for engineering services and equipment to help protect their current investment in industrial equipment. One particularly important piece of equipment for the upkeep of a hydro based, turbine generator is a shaft grounding system. It is important to take a closer look at such a device to see what it does and why it is so important for any active turbine engine (not just the hydro ones.)

One of the major threats facing any turbine generator is stray voltage coming from the shaft. In many cases the voltage is small amounts; micro volts in actuality. In some cases this stray shaft voltage, after continuous use, becomes much stronger; maybe even reaching hundreds of volts. Hundreds of volts can destroy a generator. A shaft grounding system helps to do exactly what the name would imply it does. It grounds the shaft off to prevent random fluctuations in voltage from destroying the turbine generator. Make no mistake, such an upgrade is pretty much mandatory for a constantly running generator!

A firm like Cathodic Marine Engineering is going to be able to offer not only the types of hardware additions that have been discussed here, but also the types of engineering services that end users require. One cannot simply walk into any store and buy a standardized upgrade for their hydro based, turbine generator. In many cases careful engineering is involved with any upgrade. The good thing about in particular is that they specialize solely in marine devices. This is the type of firm to turn to when dealing with hydro equipment, and just as this company specializes in hydro/marine solutions, many other firms specialize in other solutions. Some specialize in gas based, wind based, and even coal based solutions. Some firms even multi-specialize.

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