One of the biggest problems for many people, particularly as they age is areas under the eye areas that are prone to dark circles, bags and wrinkles. Dark circles and bags aren’t necessarily restricted to aging. Women of any age can suffer from this problem as bags under the eyes can be brought on by variety of causes, including allergy and sinus problems.

If you suffer from bags, dark circles and puffiness you might be pleased to know you don’t have to simply with it. There are a variety of under the eye treatments that will have you looking bright and beautiful in no time. Many bags, dark circles and puffiness can be easily treated at home, with natural methods, or by store bought creams and other beauty remedies.

One of the most popular methods for restoring the skin under the eyes is using cucumber slices or tea bags to soak into the skin for 10-15 minutes in the morning for make-up applications. This remedy does work, but it is a temporary fix, and is most likely meant for those that don’t experience the problem on a regular basis. If you experience daily bags and circles in the morning this would need to be part of a daily beauty regimen.

How To Avoid Puffy Eyes


There are also a myriad of under-eye treatment beauty products that are much more effective than the natural methods. Some work better than others, and if you’ve bought many different creams and none of them seem to be very effective you may be using the wrong type of creams for your skin. Simply because a product says anti-aging does not necessarily mean it solves dark circles and bags. The most effective products are those that treat bags, circles and skin problems at the cellular level. You should look for products that firm skin, improve elasticity, and that target the structure of your skin.

In extreme cases when natural and beauty care treatment remedies aren’t effective, there are surgical procedures that will create a lasting, more permanent solution. Make sure you investigate this method only after trying beauty creams, treatments and consulting with skin therapists. Surgery is invasive, and requires pain and recuperation, as with any surgery. You should only consider it after all other methods are exhausted.

If you’ve tried all other methods and are still dissatisfied you should consult with a plastic surgeon about a surgical eye lift, which is the most permanent solution. You should also be prepared to spend a few thousand dollars to see results. If you think that sounds like too high a price to pay consider dermatology and message therapy. They can often restore the skin with intense beauty treatments involving laser and message technologies.