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How to Make the Most of the Mobile Craze for Your Business

When it comes to Internet retail, the UK leads the pack: 13.5 per cent of all retail sales are completed online. That is almost two per cent higher than the US. As e-commerce popularity rises, so too does smartphone use, making right now one of the best times to start or redouble your efforts on an e-commerce site.

There is no question that we are making a shift toward a more Internet based society. Physical retail locations will always exist and are a backbone of our cities and society, but e-commerce is making headlines of its own with solid growth and greater trustworthiness. Your business needs an e-commerce side and the following projections prove just how strong e-commerce is becoming.

E-Commerce is Booming
According to research by eMarketer, overall global e-commerce sales will increase by an average of 12.5 per cent per year through 2018, the last year of the forecast, nearly doubling the total sales from 2013 to 2018. As more shoppers become comfortable with spending money online, they are also eagerly looking for places to spend their money.

A Surge in Smartphone Use
To go with the steady growth of e-commerce in the UK, smartphone use is also increasing rapidly. In 2011, 21.6 million users had smartphones. This number is projected to more than double by the year 2017, with 43.4 million people in the UK relying on the mobility and usefulness of smartphones.

A Perfect Combination for Success
Whether you own a brick and mortar store or are considering launching an exclusively Internet based business, the numbers are on your side for a venture into e-commerce. There are numerous high quality e-commerce options, allowing you to pick and choose a site option that fits your product needs and customer base. If you have been planning to start your Internet business, now is certainly the time.

Choosing a Platform
There are many choices in e-commerce platforms and the decision can be daunting. Begin by knowing your business. Do you plan to sell digital products or tangible products? How many will you have? Will you design your own or do you need templates? To choose which one works for you, make a list of important features, which may also include:

Maximum products allowed
•Payment options
•Shipping options
•Scalable traffic plans to grow with your business
•Customisation options – do you know how to code your own?
•Pricing that fits your budget and payment frequency needs
•The ability to sell on mobile to capture the smartphone crowd

Be sure to try out demos of the e-commerce platform you are considering. Most sites will allow you to get to know the software before you commit. In addition to all of the above factors, consider the many FREE e-commerce site options; some are more feature filled and productive than their costly counterparts.

As Internet and smartphone use continues to rise with no end in sight, the time to launch your e-commerce business is now. Technology is advancing and making selling online easier than ever. You no longer need to know how to program your own site or manage the security aspects alone – quality e-commerce platforms do this for you. Make your New Year’s resolution this year to be a successful Internet business owner. There has never been a better time.

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How To Sell Jewellery Online: 12 Best Tips

Selling jewellery on the Internet can be the start of a good business. This can be achieved in different ways. Here are tips on how to sell jewelry online.

1. Take good pictures of the jewellery. The photos should bring out the best features of the jewellery items. Consider using a camera with macro mode because the camera is capable of capturing crisp details.


Jewelry Photos


2. Take photos of the jewellery pieces using front and back lighting. Student gooseneck lamps can provide ample lighting. Place the jewellery in the middle of the background. Then place two lights, one in the rear and another one in front of the jewellery. This set up eliminates shadows.



Jewelry Shoot



3. Move the camera around while taking the shots to capture the sparkle from your jewellery pieces. Capture all angles and aspects of the jewellery.

jewellery front back

4. Find out how much you will be making for each piece. This requires you to organize all prices of your jewellery items. Do not overprice the items because this will not encourage customers to purchase them.

Saving Jewelry


5. Create a blog to showcase your jewellery. Blogs are affordable and effective advertising tools. Blogs are easy to manage and provide a platform for you to upload pictures of your jewellery and get greater exposure. Ensure the blogs have links with payment options so that people who want the items can purchase them at their convenience.

Jewelry Blog


6. Include your business address on the blog for people who want to pay through cash and cheques. It is not advisable to include your physical address on the blog because then everyone accessing the blog will know where you stay. Make sure all cheques sent to your address are cleared before sending out purchased jewellery items.

7. Create a website to sell your jewellery. This is not necessarily an expensive undertaking. It involves coming up with a unique domain name that no one else has used. One of the best benefits of creating your own website is that you can customize it in any way that you want.



Create Your Online Jewelry Store With Easy Store -

Create Your Online Jewelry Store With Easy Store –




8. Consider purchasing jewellery templates at an affordable price. After purchasing the templates, you can add information and photos of your jewellery pieces. Also, consider including links to payment systems for customers to pay for the jewellery. Click here for easy e-commerce solutions.



9. Use online auction sites to sell your items. Make sure you go through the rules laid out on these sites and abide by the rules. Compare the fees of the Internet auction sites. A significant advantage of selling through auction sites is that these sites have many customers looking for items. It is more like selling your jewellery at the mall where people go to buy items.

10. Creating websites and blogs is not enough marketing. You may have to do more to drive traffic towards your blog and website. This may involve linking your blog and website to web forums and undertaking search engine optimization.

11. Make business cards and give them out to potential clients and contacts.

12. Join an online jewellery forum to get more tips on how to sell jewellery online.

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