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Is Anti Fouling Paint Dangerous to Marine Life?

Keeping a boat in the water increases the likelihood of its being used, but it also puts the hull at greater risk from damaging marine growth, like algae, seaweed, and shellfish. Since regular mechanical removal can be labor intensive and costly, boat owners have long sought anti fouling services to prevent marine life from making their homes on the underside of the boat. Over the years they have come up with many different anti fouling coatings, including paint, copper sheeting, and epoxies.




Some anti fouling paints are made with biocides that repel marine organisms to slow their growth on the hull. This has raised some environmental concerns about the dangers of anti fouling paint for marine life (also see How Improper Management of Ballast Waste Water Impacts Marine Life). Some biocides like tributyltin and triphenyltin have even been banned in many countries because of their toxicity to marine life. Washington and California States have been taking the lead in studying the effects of anti fouling paints on the environment and looking for alternative options.
There has especially been concern about the copper levels in the water due to this metals use in some anti fouling paints. High copper levels in the water can be extremely hazardous to aquatic life. It can cause damage to their organs and nervous system, as well as reducing their sense of smell. Because of these dangers, Washington State has a law that will ban the use of copper based hull paint for recreational boats by 2020.

dangeroustomarinelifeStill, it is important to consider the damage marine growth on bottom of a boat will cause. At the very least, the irregular surface caused by the organisms decreases a boat’s fluid dynamic and slows its speed. That increases the boats use of fuel. Some marine creatures, like barnacles, can even damage the hull and the prop. There is also the risk of bringing harmful marine organisms into new environments.

At this time, all anti fouling paints can only use biocides register with the Environmental Protection Agency. Before an anti fouling paint can be sold, it has to go through around five years of research and testing. Some anti fouling paints that are on the market have been formulated to release less toxins into the water. These paints have less copper in their formulas and less biocides. They also have a slower biocide release rate.

Instead of using anti fouling paints that contain toxic elements, some manufacturers have created paints that slow marine growth by making it hard for the organism to bond with the surface. Some of these coatings make the surface very hard or very smooth. The Environmental Protection Agency has ongoing studies into the effectiveness of non-biocide coatings.

It takes thought and consideration to choose which anti fouling paint to use. Since many of these coatings require professional application, it is helpful to consider using anti fouling services. Check out www.cathodicme.com for more information.



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SEO Copywriting – Should You Write for People or Search Engines?

Not all that long ago, SEO copywriting was all about stuffing in as many keywords as possible. As long as your content included a healthy percentage of your targeted keywords, your website was sure to climb the rankings. It seems incredible that making the content readable, informative and interesting was of secondary concern, but that was definitely the case. These days, the opposite is true. It’s still important to optimize your content for your targeted keywords, but it’s even more crucial to make it useful to living, breathing people. Impressing the search engine bots will only get you so far.

Optimizing Content for Search Engines

It’s fairly easy to optimize content for search engines. As mentioned above, it’s largely about sprinkling specific keywords into it at the right densities. It also means tweaking meta tags and other parts of a site’s code so that the search engines know how to classify the site. For a long time, this was mostly what SEO was about. These things still matter. They still work too, but that’s only true if the content is appealing to human readers as well. If your entire SEO strategy consists of plugging in keywords and optimizing code, your efforts are going to fall flat.



Creating Content for People

People are more savvy than ever about online marketing. Most of them can spot content that’s been written strictly for the search engines from a mile away. There is an increasing demand for content that’s fresh, informative, compelling and well-written. It’s definitely out there, so you can’t get away with low-quality content anymore. If you want people to not only land on your site but stick around and come back, you need to deliver top-notch content. Otherwise, the people who do arrive on your site will feel duped, and your site will never achieve true success.

SEO Copywriting for Search Engines and People

SEO content that appeals to the major search engines and SEO content that appeal to people aren’t mutually exclusive. Plenty of sites manage to have both, and yours can too. There are several ways to go about achieving this, but the best one is to focus on creating excellent content first. Make sure it is relevant to your site. Scour it for misspellings and grammatical errors. As long as it dovetails with the theme of your website, it should be naturally search engine friendly.



The Characteristics of Excellent Content

One of the top characteristics of excellent content is that it’s just as appealing to human readers as it is to search engine bots. The best content is also:

  • Timely – Search engines and human visitors alike love fresh content. It matters to the search engines because it shows that your site is active and relevant. It matters to people because no one wants to read outdated stuff.
  • Relevant – If you post content on your site that’s at odds with its overarching theme, you’re going to confuse the search engines. Your site may even be penalized. People who land on your site will feel like they’ve been tricked and are unlikely to stay or come back later.
  • Well-Written – This characteristic is important to people and search engines. People will have a better impression of your site when your content seems professional. Search engines will have an easier time applying their algorithms when your content is organized and nicely optimized. Therefore, it pays to devote plenty of time and money into creating top-notch content.

The bottom line here is that your SEO copywriting shouldn’t be geared strictly toward search engines or people. By giving a nod to both, it will get you where you need to be.


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Using Corflute to Retain Walls

When it comes to building retaining walls, there are a number of materials that can be used. Sometimes the object of the game is to make sure a wall is waterproof, such as when building a basement. If this is the case, using corflute to retain walls is an option used by many waterproofing contractors. This Corflute Board, as it is often called, is a 2-3 millimeter thick plastic sheeting used for a variety of applications, but mostly for protecting retaining walls that have been waterproofed using liquid membranes.

Made to have a physical durability that helps with its chemical resistance properties, it comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses. As the premier protection board in the construction industry, it’s excellent at resisting most chemicals. However, two kinds of chemicals that should be avoided when using this material include solvents or stress-cracking agents or strong acids and oxidizing materials. With an expected outdoor life of at least two years depending upon exposure to sunlight and other weather conditions, this board can hold up under the harshest of conditions.

When wanting to know more about this material, one website to consult is clpg.com.my which will provide a person with a number of facts and ideas for how best to use this material. A good material to use for the environment, it can be easily recycled to help the environment. This makes it a very popular material used in the “going green” building movement, and is widely considered a very environmentally-friendly product.

When using this to retain walls, it has a flexible membrane that withstands normal building movements. Providing consistent thickness throughout its life, the material is very popular with retaining walls for all these reasons. When it’s time to waterproof a basement, it’s a good idea to speak with contractors who use corflute to stand up to walls that just don’t bend.

Next How-To Tip: Waterproof Your Shipping Packages

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The Benefits of Choosing a Serviced Office

There are many benefits to choosing a serviced office for all of your business needs. You can have a nice office at a prestigious address without having to spend a fortune. A serviced office allows you to have a great office that is already furnished with everything that you need. You can enjoy saving money on a lot of different office features each month since you will be sharing the bills with other businesses in your building. Your office space will be private and secure though. If you want to rent an office, this option is a smart move.


To begin with, your office space will already have sophisticated furniture in it. You will not have to spend money to furnish your office since it will already look professional. You can count on a Servcorp Malaysia serviced office to offer a reliable internet connection for your business as well. Many people do a good bit of their work online, so it is important to have a fast and good internet service that has little downtime.


Instead of hiring employees to answer your phone and talk to your clients, a Servcorp Malaysia serviced office will offer you receptionist services. You will also have a support team available to help you. You can enjoy working in a stylish and affordable office solution no matter how large or small your business is.



Servcorp Serviced Office Website

Servcorp Serviced Office Website

Servcorp’s technology – Virtual Receptionist. Why choose Servcorp?



When you rent this type of office, you can enjoy using a meeting room whenever you need to. You can also have access to AV equipment. If you need to have a space large enough to meet with important clients or for any other reason, you will enjoy being able to do it in a comfortable setting.

This type of office also allows you to be flexible with your schedule. You can enjoy renting an office space for just as long as you need to with flexible contracts. You do not have to worry about signing up for anything long-term. When you rent a Servcorp Malaysia serviced office, all of your needs will be taken care of.

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Singapore Career Tips: How to Stand Out to Headhunters

Corporations and HR consultancy firms frequently hire headhunters to reap the many benefits they offer when they are trying to hire someone. Headhunters either will work independently, or they could be a part of a corporation or a recruitment agency.

In order for people to get noticed by headhunters so they can be selected for the job they want, there are several things they should do to catch a headhunter’s attention. Whether a person is try to get the attention of headhunters in Singapore or in any country, these tactics work well for any place.

Make Oneself Obvious 
In order for a person to get headhunted, they need to make themselves very visible. By becoming visible, headhunters will be more likely to call them up and recruit them for a job. Ways to become more visible include joining forums and various types of seminars. Another way to be more visible is to attend conferences; it is a great idea to go to events that recruitment agencies are involved in or sponsor.

Do a Good Job 
Another way people can stand out to headhunters is to do very well at their job. Headhunters are asked by companies to find people who will be a real asset to their business. This means that headhunters are looking for someone that excels at their job. By working hard and doing their best, people can make themselves good candidates to be headhunted. Most importantly, people should see if there are any useful awards they can win. Awards make people very obvious to headhunters and very attractive to companies. People should not work hard and do a good job just to hide their accomplishments.

Volunteer and Contribute 
People who volunteer and make use of their professional abilities in this manner will be targeted by headhunters. Furthermore, if they are able to speak at seminars or conferences, then this will attract headhunters as well. Publishing papers or other materials is also beneficial. Being well-rounded and contributing in any way possible is a plus in the professional world.

People who want to stand out to headhunters need to network. They should give out their cards to anyone that would make a great business ally. The more cards given out, the more people will be able to become a part of their network. Giving out cards to many other professionals will help a person be more contactable, increasing their chances of being headhunted.

Furthermore, they need to be kind and develop good business relationships with other professionals. Headhunters will be more aware of a person who has networked properly.

Get Online 
When people increase their online presence by joining social media websites and business websites, they increase the chance that a headhunter will notice them. When joining these sites, profiles need to accurately reflect a person’s details and accomplishments. Moreover, a person’s online conduct needs to be proper to attract headhunters.

There are several ways to stand out to headhunters. By following these tips, anyone can be headhunted.


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