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Yun Nam Hair Care – The Grooming Advice Every Men Needs to Know

Everyone needs to look their best, even the guys. Unfortunately, due to the pride, most guys are afraid to approach this subject. I’d say only about 15-20% are open to asking questions. The other 80% of men are afraid.


Let me be the first to tell you guys, it’s not going to make you feel or appear less manly. Taking care of yourself better will make you more of a man. Here are a few tips from me to you.


1) Having those rugged good looks is incredibly appealing. You still need to take care of the dryness though. Take some unrefined coconut oil and rub it on your hands or other body parts. Rub it on any area that is dry. It’s going to smooth out the rough edges, while keeping your original rough looks.


sweets Not!

Say not to sweets!!!


2)Another tips is to take some baking soda and sprinkle some on your cleanser. Rub it into your skin. Those dead skin cells will vanish away and new fresh layers will come forth. If you aren’t using a cleanser, I suggest doing so. Soap dries out the skin. Plus, it’s not healthy for your skin.


Avoid junk food

Avoid or cut back unnecessary foods such as junk foods.


3) Cut back on some unnecessary foods, especially the junk. Try to avoid coffee. The caffeine will dehydrate the skin. If you are going to drink something, try decaffeinated tea. The herbal teas are much healthier for you. If you can, get yourself some herbal detox teas. These will open up your minds, as well as detoxing your body and soul.


4) Cut out sweets. I know this is a tall order for some of you. Hey, it’s even a tall order for me too. I love my sweets. You don’t have to give up everything. Just eat in moderation. Don’t eat chocolate every day either. Chocolate has a tendency to bring out the pimples and wrinkles. Cut down on the meats and potatoes. I know, ouch. For some of you it’s a steady diet. Cut down on your intake. This will help to promote healthier skin.


fruits and vegetables

Consume more fruits and vegetables for youthful and radiant skin!


5) Try eating some fruits and vegetables. Try to eat some raw sauerkraut a few times a week. You’d be surprised how well this will work with your skin. Your skin will look more youthful and radiant. Hey, I used to not like sauerkraut. Now I love this stuff. What can I say, tastes change as you get older.


cucumbers over your eyes

Put cucumbers over your eyes for the purpose of cucumber work as anti-aging agent.


6) Put some cucumbers over your eyes. This will help to get rid of the bags. The juice in the cucumbers will also work as anti-aging agent.


20 Simple Grooming Tips Every Man Should Know!

Learn more with Yun Nam Hair Care now!

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Stay Beautiful: Tips for Hair, Skin and Makeup



You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on salon visits or expensive products to get amazing hair, skin and nails. Learn to think for yourself. Use preventive measures and do not let dazzling commercials have you rushing to the nearest store to buy their product.




If you suffer from dry, thin hair then the harsh chemicals found in hair colors or shampoos are not the best option. Hair is slightly elastic and some hair types are sensitive to heat and chemical abuse. Thick, lustrous locks are just as vulnerable to these horrors.


If you suffer from split ends, try using a few drops of camellia, almond or coconut oil on the ends of your hair. These not only mask split ends but will help strengthen hair.


Mixing egg and mayonnaise is a great 10-minute hair mask, add cinnamon or another scent to counter the smell. Although lemon juice is a fantastic cleanser, natural shampoo bars are a better alternative for your hair.


For foxy redheads with dry, thinning locks after each passing color treatment, look into the benefits of henna. Henna dyes the hair shaft, does not deposit damaging chemicals into the cuticles and conditions naturally. If you have dark or unwanted color then the easiest way to start fresh and grow it out without enduring the “dip-dye” effect is to use a color remover such as Color Oops.





Try drinking water regularly to flush toxins and keep you hydrated. Dermatologists and beauty experts will also swear by eating freshwater fish and antioxidant rich foods like green leafy vegetables and berries.


Coffee addicts will be happy to know many argue that coffee also falls under the antioxidant list. Working out even a couple of times a week helps with circulation and has been known to improve complexion. Moreover, getting enough sleep is important for preventing tired dry skin.


Regarding which products to use, start with a 3-step gentle cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Shop around and look online for reviews to find products suitable for your skin type. Try tinted BB creams for a moisturizer and foundation in one. Want to look more beautiful? See Shakura Pigmentation Review



Make up


Steps For Applying Cat Eyeliner

To look fantastic you need beautiful skin, hair and great mascara. You can apply eyeliner to your upper lid above the lash. Optionally, you can follow on with the lower lash by gently pulling your lower lid down and keeping eyeliner above the lower lash line. Try using eye pencils if you find liquid liners are too much of a hassle. If you must use eye-shadow, try to keep it soft and natural to bring out your true beauty.


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6 Tips for Healthy Natural Hair Using Minimal Products

Having natural hair has many benefits including versatility and ease of maintenance. Being able to enjoy their unique hair texture is very freeing to most people. All that is needed is an understanding of a person’s own hair needs, and how to best meet them. With these six tips, having healthy natural hair can be easier than ever.

1. Moisturize

One of the best things a person can do for their hair is moisturize it. Since the hair follicle tends to get dry when left on its own, it is important to frequently replenish it with rich moisturizers. Applying a water based moisturizer every night is a good regimen to start with. A little goes a long way, and the session only takes about five minutes from start to finish. With such a simple maintenance routine, there is no excuse for skipping this step.

2. Avoid Heat

Heat damage is one of the top reasons people end up cutting their hair. It should be taken seriously since heat damage is permanent. The main culprits for fried ends are flat irons and curling irons. Although they temporarily make the hair look great, they are very damaging in the long run. Limiting heat styling to once every few months is a great way to limit this. There are alternatives such as large dryers and hot curlers. These methods use low heat that is sufficient to form the curl yet low enough to avoid damage. The added benefits are increased shine and body to the hair.

3. Protective Styling

Protective styling is based off of the idea that less is more! When it comes to natural hair, going with the flow is the best approach. Having several weeks where the hair is allowed to be free and undisturbed for the most part allows it to be healthy. Trying different styles daily can lead to brittle hair that breaks easily. Pulling it up into a loose top bun is one of the easiest methods of protective styling. It is important to use moisturizing hair care products before setting the style. This protects the hair from the elements, whether the weather is dry and sunny or very cold. Rich hair creams act as a barrier between the delicate hair follicle and the harsh environment.

4. Less Friction

A lot of hair damage occurs during the night. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase creates friction on the hair from tossing and turning. Natural hair dries out very easily and needs help retaining moisture. Using a satin pillowcase every night is very important. The soft, smooth texture of satin allows moisture to stay in the hair. Cotton and other materials have the opposite effect, often absorbing most of the moisture from the hair.

5. Overall Health

When growing out natural hair, overall physical health really matters. There is a famous saying that is very accurate in saying “You are what you eat”. This saying applies to caring for skin, nails and hair. The healthy and beneficial nutrients consumed are reflected in these areas. Natural hair flourishes when a person consumes healthy foods including fruits and nuts, and stays well hydrated.

6. Special Treatments

The beauty of growing natural hair is the freedom it comes with. People who are very busy can get by with shampoo and conditioning once or twice a week. Those who have more time can perform weekly deep treatments. Homemade hair masks are very effective in restoring the balance of the hair, leaving it soft and shiny. Applying a hot oil treatment can revive hair that looks dull. Performing an hour-long deep conditioning session is also very life-giving to dry tresses. There is an infinite number of treatments that are great for natural hair. When moisturized and protected, natural hair gets an opportunity to flourish and grow long.

Natural hair does not have to be difficult to maintain. With natural products found in most homes, it is possible to nourish and moisturize the hair to great health. Consistency is key when it comes to hair care goals. With time and proper care, positive results become very visible.

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Can Hair Loss Be Prevented During Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy, or just chemo, is one of the common ways that modern medicine uses to manage and even overcome many various forms of cancer. Chemo affects each and every patient differently, and it can cause a wide range of symptoms. Perhaps no symptom is more associated with chemo than hair loss. In fact, it’s usually one of the first questions a patient asks when discussing chemo as an option with their doctor. What’s important to understand, and what most doctors stress, is that hair loss doesn’t always occur, and when it does, the hair usually resume growing once the treatments end.



The Relationship between Hair Loss and Chemo

A primary characteristic of cancer is cells dividing too rapidly. The objective of chemo is to kill those cells. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to limit the treatment to just cancerous cells. Chemo affects the entire body and often kills cells that are dividing rapidly under normal circumstances. This is why many patients tend to experience symptoms at the lining of the mouth, in the stomach and at the hair follicles. Healthy cells are able to withstand and bounce back from this assault, which is why some patients are not affected at all and why most patients experience new hair growth after treatment.


Hair Grow After Chemo



Diet and Exercise

When undergoing chemo, the doctor will provide the patient with a diet and exercise regimen. The goal with these items is to strengthen the patient’s body as much as possible. A strong body will deal with the assault from the chemo better, and the cells dividing rapidly normally will be more likely to overcome the effects. Click here for more information about hair loss treatments that emphasize diet and exercise. However, keep in mind that it’s very important not to deviate from the diet and exercise instructions provided by a doctor since those additional efforts could be counter-productive.


Dealing with the Hair Loss

For many patients undergoing chemo, the best way to deal with it is to let it happen but to put themselves in a healthy mental state. For instance, transitioning to a short haircut prior to treatment can make the initial experience of hair loss a lot less jarring. In addition, many people choose to wear wigs, caps and scarves because it’s a positive way for them to bolster their body image. Dealing with it isn’t the only option, however, and there are hair loss treatments available that are designed to take place during the chemo treatment period.






Treating the Hair Loss

Chemo can actually rejuvenate hair growth. When treatment ends, many people experience better growth than had been the norm prior. Many hair loss therapies are able to take advantage of this rejuvenation even prior to treatment ending. In fact, treatments that use minoxidil and the like often work at a faster rate in people who are undoing chemo treatment. There are other therapies, such as scalp hypothermia, that have shown a lot of promise, but in these cases, it’s important to verify with the doctor that the hair loss treatment won’t interfere with the cancer treatment.






MORE HEALTH TIPS: What Common Home Ingredients Could Relieve Acne?

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Is It Okay To Wash Hair Twice With Different Shampoos?

Washing hair daily or every other day is an essential part of good hair care. It is important to remove hair products like gel, hair spray and mousse from the hair to avoid oily build up and lank locks. Although it is important to clean the hair regularly, it is generally best to only lather up the hair once in a single day.


Drying Effects

Shampoo is designed to remove dirt, oil, hair products and other items that get into the hair. As a result, it has ingredients that help strip away unwanted residue.

Even when the shampoo is designed to gently remove residue, dirt and oil, it may not have enough conditioning ingredients to help keep the hair healthy and soft. Using two different shampoos at one time may seem to clean the hair better, but it will also cause increased drying and brittleness.



Using Different Shampoos on Different Days

When the goal is comparing different shampoo options to determine the best one for a personal hair type, the best solution is using two different shampoos on different days. Use one of the shampoo products on the first day and then use the other option the next day. Compare the results after trying both products and then determine the best solution for personal hair types.


Removing Unexpected Problems

When something gets in the hair that does not come out on the first shampoo, it may be appropriate to use shampoo twice during the same shower. In general, if the material or gunk is not removed on the first try with normal shampoo, then try a clarifying shampoo.

Clarifying shampoo is harsher on the hair because it is designed to strip away build-up that gathers after a week or more of using gel, mousse and other hair styling products.

Since clarifying shampoo is harsh on the hair, only use it once in a week. It is best to use the shampoo only when it is necessary because it can cause brittle hair or drying effects that damage the hair.



Although the situation will determine whether to wash the hair more than once at a time, it is always a good idea to follow up with conditioner. If it is necessary to use a clarifying shampoo or lather up a second time to remove gunk and build up, then use a conditioner on the hair and allow it to sit for a few minutes.

A deep conditioning product may suggest sitting on the hair for one to three minutes before rinsing it out. Follow the specific directions of the conditioning product to get the best results with the conditioner.

If a clarifying shampoo is used after a regular shampoo, then use a leave-in conditioning product after the shower to help prevent drying and brittleness.

Although it is a personal decision to wash the hair twice with different shampoos, it is usually better to only use one at a time to avoid drying. Check out these natural hair care products to find the right option for personal hair care goals.

Tips Of the Day: Health Benefits of Oolong Tea, Black Tea and Green Tea


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