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7 Best Snack Choices for People Looking to Eat Healthier


If you are trying to make you diet healthier, one of the most challenging parts of changing it is finding healthy snack foods. When you are living a busy lifestyle, it is easy to reach for candy bars, crisps and other junk food. If you want to make your diet healthier, you need to make sure that you always have access to healthy snack foods that won’t ruin your diet. Here are seven of the best snack food choices for people who are trying to eat healthier.


1. Whole Wheat Crackers and Peanut Butter

Two of the most important things that people need to look to add more of to their diets are fibre and protein. This is a perfect snack food that is chock full of both. The high fibre levels in the whole wheat crackers and the protein in the peanut butter combine to create a filling snack treat that is a healthy choice.


2. Greek Yogurt with Raspberries and Honey

This is a tasty treat that is chock full of healthy nutrition. Honey is a natural antiseptic that helps to fight any germs that are trying to establish a presence in your body. In addition, the yogurt is a great source of healthy protein, calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin D. The raspberries are full of vitamins and minerals, and they also contain loads of antioxidants.



3. Fruit

There is no better snack food than fruit. One of the reasons that fruit is the perfect snack food is because it is easy to take it with you anywhere. Next time you are in a rush, simply throw a banana, apple or handful of grapes in your purse or bag to snack on later in the day. In addition, fruit contains loads of vitamin and minerals, and there is tons of healthy fibre in fruit as well.



4. Cottage Cheese and Whole Wheat Crackers

This snack choice has similar healthy benefits as the crackers and peanut butter snack. However, in addition to the protein and fibre found in that snack, the cottage cheese also provides high levels of calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin A as well.



5. Edamame

If you have never tried edamame before, you have been missing out. Edamame are basically immature soybeans. This healthy food has long been a staple in Japanese and Chine cuisines, but it is only in recent years that it has started to take the West by storm. One cup of edamame fulfils a full third of both your daily protein and fibre requirements. They are a perfect snack food any time of the day, and they are very filling.


6. Healthy Granola Bars

Granola bars can be a very healthy snack option, but you have to be careful about what kind of bars you select. Unfortunately, the majority of granola bars sold in grocers are loaded with sugars and unnecessary chemical ingredients. Make sure that the granola bars that you pick have low levels of sugar and only a few ingredients. The best way to ensure you get healthy granola bars is to buy them from a health food store online.



7. Kale Crisps

By now, most people have heard the word about the health benefits of eating kale. If you miss the crunchy delights of your afternoon crisps, then try substituting healthy kale crisps instead. Kale is full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It is good for the heart, has high levels of iron, is high in calcium, reduces inflammation and is full of antioxidants.

It isn’t hard to eat healthier if you try. The key is to look for healthy substitutions for the foods you love. If you try switching up your normal snack foods with these seven healthy alternatives, you will be well on your way to creating a healthy diet that will make you feel good and extend your life.

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Stay Beautiful: Tips for Hair, Skin and Makeup



You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on salon visits or expensive products to get amazing hair, skin and nails. Learn to think for yourself. Use preventive measures and do not let dazzling commercials have you rushing to the nearest store to buy their product.




If you suffer from dry, thin hair then the harsh chemicals found in hair colors or shampoos are not the best option. Hair is slightly elastic and some hair types are sensitive to heat and chemical abuse. Thick, lustrous locks are just as vulnerable to these horrors.


If you suffer from split ends, try using a few drops of camellia, almond or coconut oil on the ends of your hair. These not only mask split ends but will help strengthen hair.


Mixing egg and mayonnaise is a great 10-minute hair mask, add cinnamon or another scent to counter the smell. Although lemon juice is a fantastic cleanser, natural shampoo bars are a better alternative for your hair.


For foxy redheads with dry, thinning locks after each passing color treatment, look into the benefits of henna. Henna dyes the hair shaft, does not deposit damaging chemicals into the cuticles and conditions naturally. If you have dark or unwanted color then the easiest way to start fresh and grow it out without enduring the “dip-dye” effect is to use a color remover such as Color Oops.





Try drinking water regularly to flush toxins and keep you hydrated. Dermatologists and beauty experts will also swear by eating freshwater fish and antioxidant rich foods like green leafy vegetables and berries.


Coffee addicts will be happy to know many argue that coffee also falls under the antioxidant list. Working out even a couple of times a week helps with circulation and has been known to improve complexion. Moreover, getting enough sleep is important for preventing tired dry skin.


Regarding which products to use, start with a 3-step gentle cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Shop around and look online for reviews to find products suitable for your skin type. Try tinted BB creams for a moisturizer and foundation in one. Want to look more beautiful? See Shakura Pigmentation Review



Make up


Steps For Applying Cat Eyeliner

To look fantastic you need beautiful skin, hair and great mascara. You can apply eyeliner to your upper lid above the lash. Optionally, you can follow on with the lower lash by gently pulling your lower lid down and keeping eyeliner above the lower lash line. Try using eye pencils if you find liquid liners are too much of a hassle. If you must use eye-shadow, try to keep it soft and natural to bring out your true beauty.


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Health Benefits of Organic Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Health Benefits of Organic Aromatherapy Essential Oils
Essential oils are potent plant extracts with transforming power. Just one whiff can whisk you into a wonderful state! Essential oils have a rich history, having been used for thousands of years for their healing properties. These miracle-workers are used to:

• reduce stress
• increase focus
• relax muscles
• heal wounds
• bring emotional balance
• strengthen the immune system
• clean surfaces

Qualities of Essential Oils

Essential oils have a host of healing properties. They are:

• analgesic – relieving pain
• anti-bacterial – inhibiting bacterial growth
• anti-fungal – destroying fungal infections
• anti-inflammatory – reducing fever, tenderness, swelling, and pain
• antiseptic – cleansing
• antibiotic – preventing infection
• homeostatic – arresting bleeding
• vulnerary – healing wounds

Essential Oils Defined

Essential oils are highly concentrated substances obtained from plants. They bear the “essential aroma” of the plant from which they’re sourced. Essential oils contain hundreds of organic components, including vitamins and hormones. Oils are extracted from plant leaves, flowers, roots, and bark. There are two primary methods of organic extraction, distillation and expression.

Distillation – a process that converts an oil into a vapor and then concentrates it into a liquid.

Expression – a method by which oils are “cold pressed” and forced from plants under high mechanical pressure.

Health Benefits of Lavender essential oil | Organic Facts

Organic Versus Non-Organic Oils

Organic essential oils are unadulterated. They are free of synthetic chemicals and compounds. They’re grown without the use of toxic pesticides, synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms. The chemicals in these poisonous agents can damage lungs, trigger allergies, and cause cancer. When using an organic essential oil, you are protected from exposure to these harmful substances.

Carrier Oils

Therapeutic-grade essential oils have medicinal properties that speed healing. Most need to be diluted with a “carrier oil,” which delivers the essential oil into the skin. Undiluted, an essential oil can cause skin irritation. A carrier oil also helps prevent an essential oil from evaporating. In massage, it acts as a lubricating agent. The best carrier oils are sweet almond, sesame, coconut, safflower, and olive oil.

NOTE: Always use a carrier oil when applying essential oil to the skin of babies and children. All essential oils should be avoided by women during the first trimester of pregnancy. If you have a serious medical condition such as epilepsy or hypertension, you should consult your physician prior to using essential oils. Essential oils should never be ingested.

Dilution Guidelines

Following is a guide provided by ey yan sang for how much carrier oil to use in diluting an essential oil:

•children 6 months to 6 years of age – 1 drop per 4 teaspoons of carrier oil
•children over age 6, pregnant women, and seniors – 1 drop per teaspoon of carrier oil
•people with sensitive skin and compromised immunity – 1 drop per teaspoon of carrier oil
•massage – 1 drop per teaspoon of carrier oil
•daily skin care and all-purpose use – 2 drops per teaspoon of carrier oil
•muscle injury or lung congestion – 3 drops per teaspoon of carrier oil
•severe pain, bruising, and muscle cramping – up to 25 drops per teaspoon of carrier oil


Aromatherapy is the curative use of aromatic plant oils to relieve symptoms of stress, headache, insomnia, and poor digestion. The following essential oils are especially beneficial for aromatherapy:

Bergamot essential oil – The scent of bergamot oil is sweet and lively. The oil is cold-pressed from the peel of the fruit. It is an effective deodorizer. It inspires, uplifts, and builds confidence.


Grapefruit essential oil– Cold-pressed from the peel of the grapefruit, the oil imparts a refreshing, uplifting effect. It is commonly used in perfumes, soaps, creams, and lotions.


Jasmine essential oil – The flowers for jasmine oil are picked just before dawn, when the essence peaks. Its sweet, honey-like scent is romantic, relaxing, and calming.



Lavender essential oil – Lavender oil has a lovely, long list of uses. It does not require a carrier oil. Lavender is a calming addition to a bath. Two drops on your pillow will help you drift into dreamland. Rub two drops on your palms and inhale the scent for a relaxing effect throughout your body. Relieve motion sickness by inhaling a lavender-scented tissue. This will also help alleviate the symptoms of hay fever.



Neroli oil.This is a bitter orange tree is from Africa. This beautiful flower scent has been described as a mind tonic, good for connecting with one's higher self, enhancing the ability to take initiative, and good for shock, stress and sadness. It is also used as a heart tonic by smell.

Neroli essential oil – This is one of the most commonly used oils in the perfume industry. It is distilled from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree. It has a spicy-floral scent. Neroli oil is also used in premium cosmetic products such as massage lotions, skin creams, and body washes. It has a soothing, calming effect.



Patchouli essential oil – Patchouli is Neroli’s Asian cousin. It is long-lasting and improves with age. It has a spicy-woodsy aroma which is rich and sweet. It infuses perfumes with intriguing, romantic notes.



Peppermint essential oil – The fragrance of peppermint oil alleviates nausea, headache, and migraines. It is especially effective when combined with lavender oil and applied to the temples.



Rose essential oil– Rose is one of the most well-known essential oils. Its romantic reputation is conveyed in the expression, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Juliet said this about her Romeo in William Shakespeare’s famous play. Associated with love, rose is uplifting. Adding one or two drops to a facial cream makes it soothing and luxurious.



Sandalwood essential oil– Another member of the Asian family of oils, sandalwood also improves with age. Its sweet, woodsy aroma is a centering element in aftershave, massage lotions, facial creams, and body balms.


Vanilla essential oil – The calming scent of vanilla curbs cravings. Research has shown it to be an effective weight loss aid. One study demonstrating this was conducted at St. George’s Hospital in London. About 200 overweight volunteers were assigned to wearing either a vanilla, lemon, or placebo patch. Over the one-month study period, those sporting the vanilla patch lost more weight than their counterparts.




Essential oils used for healing have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic effects. The following oils fall into this category:

Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus works magic against coughs and colds. A few drops of the oil can be added to a vaporizer or steaming water for inhalation. The oil can also be applied to a handkerchief for relief throughout the day. Eucalyptus clears nasal passages and lungs of congestion. Regular use during cold season can help prevent illness.

Lavender – Put a drop of the oil on an insect bite or bee sting to relieve swelling and itching. Treat a minor burn with 2-3 drops. It will relieve the redness, swelling, and pain of a scald. Apply a drop to stop a bleeding cut or clean an infected wound. Use it topically on dermatitis and eczema. Gently rub on the scalp to eliminate dandruff.

Roman Chamomile – This oil calms red, inflamed, sensitive skin. Mix it with coconut oil to soothe diaper rash and eczema.

Tea Tree Oil – This is an effective antiseptic. Mixed with a carrier oil, it can treat cuts, scrapes, insect bites, fungal infections, warts, and dandruff. It also eliminates acne. Adding it to a vaporizer helps loosen lung congestion.




Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil can be used as a safe, all-purpose cleaner. Mix two teaspoons of the oil in two cups of water, and go on a cleaning spree!



There are many advantages to buying organic essential oils online.

Convenience – You can organic shop online any time of day. You save time by not waiting on line.
Low cost – Products cost less since they come directly from the manufacturer, without involving middlemen. Also, many online shops offer discounts and rebates.
Gifting – Online shopping makes it easy to send gifts to people, no matter where they live.
Saving Transportation Expenses – You don’t have to travel to a store.
No Crowds! – No hustle or bustle while shopping among throngs of other customers.



Organic essential oils can significantly upgrade your health and quality of life. Buy organic essential oils online and reap the reward of peace of mind.

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6 Tips for Healthy Natural Hair Using Minimal Products

Having natural hair has many benefits including versatility and ease of maintenance. Being able to enjoy their unique hair texture is very freeing to most people. All that is needed is an understanding of a person’s own hair needs, and how to best meet them. With these six tips, having healthy natural hair can be easier than ever.

1. Moisturize

One of the best things a person can do for their hair is moisturize it. Since the hair follicle tends to get dry when left on its own, it is important to frequently replenish it with rich moisturizers. Applying a water based moisturizer every night is a good regimen to start with. A little goes a long way, and the session only takes about five minutes from start to finish. With such a simple maintenance routine, there is no excuse for skipping this step.

2. Avoid Heat

Heat damage is one of the top reasons people end up cutting their hair. It should be taken seriously since heat damage is permanent. The main culprits for fried ends are flat irons and curling irons. Although they temporarily make the hair look great, they are very damaging in the long run. Limiting heat styling to once every few months is a great way to limit this. There are alternatives such as large dryers and hot curlers. These methods use low heat that is sufficient to form the curl yet low enough to avoid damage. The added benefits are increased shine and body to the hair.

3. Protective Styling

Protective styling is based off of the idea that less is more! When it comes to natural hair, going with the flow is the best approach. Having several weeks where the hair is allowed to be free and undisturbed for the most part allows it to be healthy. Trying different styles daily can lead to brittle hair that breaks easily. Pulling it up into a loose top bun is one of the easiest methods of protective styling. It is important to use moisturizing hair care products before setting the style. This protects the hair from the elements, whether the weather is dry and sunny or very cold. Rich hair creams act as a barrier between the delicate hair follicle and the harsh environment.

4. Less Friction

A lot of hair damage occurs during the night. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase creates friction on the hair from tossing and turning. Natural hair dries out very easily and needs help retaining moisture. Using a satin pillowcase every night is very important. The soft, smooth texture of satin allows moisture to stay in the hair. Cotton and other materials have the opposite effect, often absorbing most of the moisture from the hair.

5. Overall Health

When growing out natural hair, overall physical health really matters. There is a famous saying that is very accurate in saying “You are what you eat”. This saying applies to caring for skin, nails and hair. The healthy and beneficial nutrients consumed are reflected in these areas. Natural hair flourishes when a person consumes healthy foods including fruits and nuts, and stays well hydrated.

6. Special Treatments

The beauty of growing natural hair is the freedom it comes with. People who are very busy can get by with shampoo and conditioning once or twice a week. Those who have more time can perform weekly deep treatments. Homemade hair masks are very effective in restoring the balance of the hair, leaving it soft and shiny. Applying a hot oil treatment can revive hair that looks dull. Performing an hour-long deep conditioning session is also very life-giving to dry tresses. There is an infinite number of treatments that are great for natural hair. When moisturized and protected, natural hair gets an opportunity to flourish and grow long.

Natural hair does not have to be difficult to maintain. With natural products found in most homes, it is possible to nourish and moisturize the hair to great health. Consistency is key when it comes to hair care goals. With time and proper care, positive results become very visible.

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4 Simplest Ways to Eat and Drink Healthy

One of the most important parts of good health is proper nutrition. Eating right not only keeps you in good health, but it also makes you feel great. A nutritious diet will fill you up with energy, making you ready to handle anything that comes your way. Here are some tips you can follow to make sure that you are eating and drinking right.


Get Plenty of Whole Grains

The low-carb diets that are all the rage these days are not good for your health. Instead of eliminating grains from your diet, you should work on eating the right kinds of grains. You need to eat around six to eight servings of grains daily as part of a healthy diet. Make sure that at least half of these servings come from whole-grain sources.


Fruits and Vegetables Are Key

One of the most crucial parts of a healthy diet is an abundance of fruits and vegetables. You should eat a minimum of eight to 10 servings of fruits and vegetable daily. Make sure you mix these up; eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables will help you to get all the vitamins and minerals you need. Try to eat them raw whenever you can, but smoothies and juices are a good option for days when you are busy.


Meat and Dairy

You can include meat and dairy products as part of a healthy diet, but it is good to keep them in moderation. Try to limit your dairy consumption to three servings or less per day. Try to make these low-fat varieties when possible.

Meat should be limited to less than six ounces a day. You should limit your red meat consumption to a couple of times a week. Eating white meats like pork and chicken is the best option.



Many people fail to drink the right beverages. You should try to eliminate soda from your diet completely. Limit alcohol consumption as much as possible. Coffee consumption should be minimized as well. Substituting tea for coffee is a great idea. When you are exercising, you should replace your lost electrolytes with a good sports drink like 100 Plus isotonic drink.

If you follow these tips, you will be amazed at how much better a good diet can make you feel. Making lifestyle changes does not happen overnight. Make these changes incrementally, and keep working at it until you have achieved the ideal diet.

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