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Tips on Writing Great Love Messages on Flower Cards

Everyone loves getting flowers. Sending someone flowers is the perfect way to let people know that you are thinking of them. Although flowers are very beautiful, you also need to do a little work to add to their beauty. This work involves coming up with something lovely to say on the card. The blank space on the card really seems to terrify some folks. There is no need for you to fear writing your thoughts on the card. Here are some tips to help you if you are struggling expressing your feelings on a flower card.


Something Simple

The cards that come with most flowers are pretty small. This means that you do not have to come up with an epic poem when you are writing your message on the card. It is best to keep the message to four lines or less. If you write any more than that, it will not fit on the card very elegantly.

There is nothing wrong with writing a very short message on the card. The classic phrase, “Thinking of you,” always works very well on a flower card. If you are sending the flowers to someone you love, you can express you love simply just by writing, “I love you.”


A Little Poem

Of course, if you are sending the flowers as a romantic gesture, there is nothing better received than a poem on the card. You do not have to be Shakespeare when it comes to creating a poem on the card. You just have to write a few lines that rhyme. You can look up a poem if you want to, but writing a poem of your own creation is much preferable.


Love message Comic Message

One of the best ways to approach writing on the card is to not take it too seriously. Unless you are sending the flowers to a funeral, a comic message will be well received by most people. If you have a knack for comedy, this is a good occasion to make use of it.


Keep It Upbeat

You need to keep things upbeat with your card. After all, you are sending the flowers to lift someone’s spirits. You do not want to bring them down with a sad message in the card even if you are writing it to try to comfort them. Make sure that you keep things hopeful in the card even if you are sending the flowers to someone who is sick. A message like, “You can beat this!” is a great sentiment for a flower card sent to someone who is in a hospital.


Make It Personal

Don’t forget to address the recipient by name in the card. Also, you need to sign the card as well. You don’t want the person who is receiving it to have to guess who the flowers are from.


The Gift of Flowers Is Magical

No matter what kind of situation people are facing, there is nothing like flowers to brighten their day. When you take the time to start sending flowers just like pink carnation for Mother’s Day, you will definitely be doing a good deed. Just make sure that you put some thought into constructing a kind message that will enhance the beauty of the flowers. When you send beautiful flowers with a beautiful message, it is a guaranteed success.

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How To Buy The Best Fitting Cycling Jersey

There are millions of people around the globe who shop for jerseys, but most are typically after loose-fitting sports jerseys that display the logo of their favorite team and the name of their favorite player. Cyclists, however, look for more than popularity and a baggy fit when they seek a jersey. This type of sporting apparel serves a completely different purpose.

With a bike jersey, it’s about the function and comfort first and foremost, and thus finding a jersey that fits the right way is imperative. So, how do you find the best-fitting jersey? Here are some tips to help you find what you’re looking for.


Keys to Making Sure Your Jersey is the Perfect Fit

1: Think About the Material

Most cycling jerseys today are constructed using some type of synthetic material designed to wick away moisture while keeping the rider cool and dry. Stretchable, strong fabrics are ideal here. Polyester and poly-Lycra blends are primarily used, with jerseys containing more Lycra typically presenting a tighter fit. Think of Lycra-dominant jerseys like a bodysuit for swimmers. So consider the stretching that will go on; also, think about a jersey holding its shape, whether it has mesh panels, zipper features, etc.

The closer you get to a bodysuit-type of jersey, the tighter the fit is going to be. Most want some wiggle room for comfort’s sake.


new cycling jersey2: Think About the Right Fit

Next, think about the actual fit that you seek. If you want something that’s looser than your typical cycling jersey, you could find an option like the Club Fit. This type of jersey typically has a looser style with half sleeves and a longer waist. A Recreational Fit jersey is even looser, giving you more room to work with.

Think about sleeves as well. Any item with full sleeves is going to be more restricting than an item without sleeves. The same goes for zipper features. With a full or half-zip, you can adjust how the jersey fits to a degree.


3: Read Up On Some Reviews

Another way to ensure the best-fitting jersey possible is to check out what other people are saying. The odds are high that you’re going to get your jersey online, meaning trying it on in a conventional dressing room isn’t a possibility. So before you finalize any purchase, see what others are saying.

Different materials and different brands have different fits. It’s just like buying other clothing options and accessories. Those Levis fit differently than Wranglers. Nike fits differently than Reebok. Checking out what people say might let you know if the jersey is too tight for its listed size, too loose, or other pertinent information.


4: Look at the Exact Measurements

You cannot always trust those little letters: S, M, L, X, XL. Someone’s S might be another’s M, and on and on. So before you make any purchase, read the actual measurements. Instead of relying on that L, check out the measurement in inches. It should be around 42-44 for a large. Small should be 38-40; medium: 40-42; XL: 44-45; XXL: 46-48.

This isn’t necessarily set in stone, but it does give you an idea of what to be on the lookout for.

Finding the best-fitting jersey is a combination of personal preference and research. When you’re ready to purchase, you can find bicycle apparels here, including a wide range of jerseys in different materials and different sizes from different brands.


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Why Must Cycling Jerseys Be So Darn Tight?

The cycling jersey hasn’t changed too much in the past 30 years of professional cycling. From the yellow jersey of the Tour de France; to the local cycling club’s jersey. The cycling jersey remains full of bright colors, company logos, and seems to fit way too tight. Yet, there is a reason why the these jerseys continue to squeeze the circulation out of our bodies. Here are some of the best reasons to keep on wearing that cycling jersey tight to your body.




Reduce Drag

There is constant wind resistant when riding a bicycle. A baggy or loose fitting jersey will only capture more wind and cause greater resistant for the rider. This makes it harder for the cyclist to ride faster and farther. In professional cycling, where every second counts, cyclists where skin tight jerseys to increase speed and reduce effort. Some of the most advanced jerseys will reduce effort by 15 to 20 percent. Wearing a tighter jersey will make the next ride a little less strenuous.


superman cycling jersey




Moving at fast speeds is always dangerous. On a bicycle, a person is exposed to all of the surrounding outside elements. When someone is riding through the forest on a mountain bike or racing in the peloton; the last thing they need is for a piece of clothing to catch an object and cause a painful crash. Tight jerseys decrease the risk of accidentally getting caught on a tree branch or someone else’s handlebars. Be safe and always wear a tight cycling jersey.


yellow dots cycling jersey



Wick Moisture

Cycling is an extremely aerobic intense activity. A cyclist will work up a sweat even on cold winter rides. The synthetic material of a cycling jersey is specifically designed to wick moisture away from the body. This wicking keep cyclists cool and dry during a long ride. In order for the wicking material to work properly, the jersey must be tight to the body to absorb and remove the sweat from the skin. A tight jersey keeps everyone dry and comfortable.


eye on jersey




As with any outdoor activity that brings people far from shelter, a cyclist must prepare for changing weather conditions. The sky may open suddenly and dump buckets of rain or the setting of the sun will chill the air. In either case, a tight fitting jersey allows cyclists to slip a jacket on or off. Tight jerseys allow cyclists to build multiple layers without feeling bulky on their bike. Also, the stretchable tight fitting material of cycling jerseys make them easy to store and transport while riding a bicycle.


layer cycling jersey


A cycling jersey is not just about being fashionable while riding a bike. There are many functions to the tight fitting form of the cycling jersey. So, the next time you shop for cycling jerseys, make sure to get one that is snug.

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5 Ways to Utilize Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are more than convenient, they are necessary for various applications and purposes. Plastic corrugated boxes may be used for so much more than storage purposes. When considering all the offerings from a corrugated box manufacturer, you’ll find various sizes and color choices to meet all your needs. Some boxes are recyclable as well. You can learn more at CLPG.net. To give you an example, here are five of the best uses for the corrugated box.

1. Filing. If you have established a modest home office, you probably have important documents that need to be filed. Why spend a lot of money on a traditional file cabinet? If your space is limited, the ideal solution could be to buy two or three small to medium sized corrugated boxes and stack them on a shelf. Use these boxes for more than office documents. You cans store old family photos, tax documents, important receipts and so much more.



Corrugated Box File Storing


2. Packing up your belongings for a move. The corrugated plastic box is rugged enough for packing anything from china to collectibles to everyday household items. With lids that snap securely, you don’t need to bother with packaging tape. If you require the use of several boxes, use the color coding system for easy identification. The blue box is for dishes and kitchen accessories. The red box is designated for bedroom accessories. The yellow box contains toys and miscellaneous items from the kids’ room. You get the idea, don’t you?





3. Recycling container. Is your home cluttered with recyclables that are strewn around in nearly every corner? Get organized and store your recyclables neatly in a durable corrugated box. it works so much better than using a plain paper bag. Alternatively, you could use the box as a compost bin.


4. A children’s toy chest. Does your child’s bedroom resemble a toy factory during an earthquake? It’s time to get organized. Don’t waste money on a fancy and expensive wooden toy chest. Corrugated boxes make awesome containers to store your child’s toys and playtime accessories. Allow your child to choose his or her favorite color and add some decals for customization. Viola! What a neat way to keep the kids’ room organized. Other than toys, your child can store doll clothes neatly in the corrugated toy box. The box now becomes her new doll valet or chest of drawers.


Corrugated box for kids



5. A hobby box. Do you have sewing or knitting accessories and no place to store them? A small corrugated box is the answer to your problem. These boxes are also great for storing any type of arts and crafts supplies, such as paints, clay and markers. Alternatively, you can create a tool box for your workstation or garage. Store common tools such as pliers, hammer and screwdrivers in the medium sized box. Smaller corrugated boxes are ideal for storing screws, nuts and bolts.

Find out more what you can do with corrugated boxes @ GLPG.net

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4 Most Anticipated Fantasy Books of 2014

The new year is here and many long anticipated fantasy novels are on their way to finally being published. After the long wait it’s time and you are ready to sit back and indulge on the up and coming novels of 2014. With so many options you might be confused on where to start first. The following novels are some of the most discussed and loved books that will appear on the shelves for the new year.


The Undead Pools

The Hollows, #12
Kim Harrison

The Hollows series is an urban fantasy novel that is based in the suburbs of Cincinnati. Rachel Morgan is a witch who has fought off demons, vampires, human beings who dwell in magic and just about everything under the sun (and those who can’t walk in the sun). This twelfth book is going to focus on the results of Rachel’s saving the Ever After from shrinking and disappearing forever. With spells now going wrong and truces between the inlanders and humans falling apart; Rachel will be forced to once again step up and help end the madness. The love/hate relationship between Rachel and her elf friend Trent will also be addressed which is a huge part of why this book is so anticipated. This is one of the most discussed fantasy books in 2014; since Kim Harrison left her fans dripping with anxiety over what would happen next, leaving the last book in the series with a dynamic cliff hanger.


Up From the Grave

Night Huntress, #7
Jeaniene Frost

Cat and Bones have weaved their way in to the hearts of many. Fans of Cat and Bones will be very heart broken to hear that this is the very last Night Huntress book, finalizing the series. With Up From the Grave we find Cat and Bones fighting once again except this time it’s the ones they love the most that they are fighting for. With one final adventure that will leave readers on the edge of their seats, the duo must search for Cat’s old team members who have gone missing. Mixed with dark humor, shocking revelations, dramatic moments and the undeniable passion between Cat and Bones, fans will end this series with loose ends tied up, and an appearance of past loved characters. The twists and turns of this novel will leave you thinking, long after you have finished the final pages.


Prince of Fools

The Red Queen’s War, #1
Mark Lawrence

This novel has been the form of many nail-biting discussions of up and coming Fantasy books of 2014. Fans of Mark Lawrence and his novels that are not aware of Prince of Fools, will be happy to hear about the upcoming new series. This book features the Red Queen, feared and dreaded by many for her ruthless fight against the war and those who are power hungry standing behind the nations. Her grandson Prince Jalan is our hero who would prefer to not be involved with the throne and avoids the queen at all costs. Faced with the ability to see The Silent Sister, a secret weapon the Queen holds dear, Jalan’s world is sent crashing. It is then he finds out the truth, and all is not as the Queen claims it to be. Jalan is intertwined with others in a series of events that will put him, and the fate of the long war in his hands. Filled with magic, action and dark humor this novel will leave readers excited to find out what happens next.


The Shattered Crown

Steelhaven Trilogy, #2
Richard Ford

While this author is not as well known as many of the other anticipated fantasy novels in 2014. Those who have read his past books know how well he can craft a vision and put it into writing. When we left the last book in this series, King Cael had perished ,and his daughter now bears the weight of the Steel Crown, all alone. Filled with betrayal, dark magic, brutal violence and mystery this novel weaves a story of a kingdom at war within it’s realm and beyond. Well developed characters dealing with lots of action and unimaginable missions to protect their kingdom is what makes this novel one of the most anticipated for 2014.

Fantasy authors are everywhere, and new books are coming out each year, with all kinds of specific sub genres in the fantasy department. Regardless of which novels you are awaiting release dates from, it’s highly suggested that you check out the novels listed above. Let your reading palette savor all the new and up and coming fantasy series’.

You never know what you might find in the fantastic cauldron of fantasy books.


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