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How to Prepare For an Off-Road Cycling Trip


One of the most exciting and interesting types of cycling involves going off-road. This means cycling through wild areas where there are often not even paths or trails. You need to be ready for anything if you are going to try this type of biking. There are a few ways to prepare for an off-road cycling trip.

Ride the Right Type of Bike


If you want to start exploring off-road areas, then you need the right type of bike. You really want a mountain or specialised off-road bike that has wide and tough tires. Do not attempt to go off-road cycling on a racing or road bike. The tires are not designed for the uneven terrain. The rims could bend or other problems might occur. Check your bike thoroughly before leaving to make certain that it is in good condition.

Know Where You Are Going


The idea of exploring an area off the beaten path can be very exciting. You do not want to go cycling into an area without first knowing where you are going. You should find a map or go online to study the terrain. Print a map to bring along if you can. You need to know what major features are in the area and the terrain that you will encounter. This will help to prevent you from suddenly encountering a drop-off or other features that could put you at risk of injuries.

Bring Along Safety and Repair Gear


You never know what is going to happen when you are biking through off-road conditions. You might encounter a rough patch of terrain that causes your tire to blow out. There is a chance you could hit a sudden ditch and fall off your bike. Bring along a backpack filled with safety and repair gear. You want a tire repair kit and a bicycle pump. If you have a good Toepeak pump handy, then you can deal with flats. Bring along water and a first aid kit as well. This will help you to treat any cuts or injuries that you sustain while cycling.

Watch the Time


The final step is to watch the time. You do not want to go out too late. You also do not want to stay out too late. If you are in an off-road area, then there are not likely to be any lights around. This means that it will get dark very quickly once the sun starts to set. This can leave you in the middle of a dangerous and wild area without any way to see where you are going. Start your off-road trip as early as possible. Start heading out of the area at least an hour before the sun is going to start setting.
Off-road cycling can be rewarding and memorable. You want to keep the chance of injuries and accidents down to a minimum. You do not want to be stranded with a flat tire or become lost in a strange area at night. Taking the time to properly prepare for your off-road trip will ensure that you have a good time with no problems.

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Moving to Singapore? Some Tips for Living Like a Local

Whether we are talking about business, trade, language, culture, cuisine, or a host of other topics, Singapore is the true melting pot that makes the United States and many other nations seem rather uniform by comparison. China, India, and the West all converge and create an astounding diversity. To live like a Singaporean could mean many things to many people, or it could mean adopting a little bit of it all until your own personal culture has become a mini melting pot of sorts.

The island nation of Singapore is, to make a giant understatement, a very well-connected city. It is a central hub to its region, and to an extent, world-wide. Whether for business, pleasure, or a little of both, it is no surprise that someone would decide to move to Singapore. Once in town, there exists a good public transport and road system, but the problem comes in when one tires of train and bus and bike and longs for the freedom they had in their own country, of having a car of their own to use on a daily basis. Cars are very expensive in Singapore, and it is very complicated legally and costly to import a car. The answer will likely to be lease a vehicle.




You can rent modern, high-quality autos by the day, or week, or for long-term. There may be age and driving experience requirements, but most should be able to find a rental agency that will lease them a good car at a reasonable rate. You will want to ask about any special charges as well, such as extra for using the rental car across the straits in Malaysia. Long-term car lease in Singapore like Express Car Rental is quite common now and is the answer to the transportation needs of many foreigners and locals alike. Visitors planning to stay long enough that a car is felt necessary, but not long enough to justify the expense of purchasing a car in Singapore or moving one there, will especially see the value in it.

To get out consistently to your business appointments and to fully explore the island, its culture, museums, tourist attractions, restaurants, etc., a vehicle leased for the long haul may be the best option. As a foreigner living in Singapore, you will find yourself in demographic that tops 20%, and not at all out of place, but to learn about and put on the local culture (or cultures), you will need an affordable way to get around town for the duration of your stay. Long term leasing is a practical step to take to help you live like a local.


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Cultural Travel: Local Malaysian Customs to Know About

Malaysia is a multicultural society whose population primarily consists of native Malaysians, Indians and Chinese. While each ethnicity has their own sets of values, there are a few traditional customs that everyone in Malaysia practices.

Whenever you visit a foreign country, it helps to be familiarized with some of the customs that the natives of that specific country practices, because it influences how people interact with each other within that country. The reality of the fact is that whenever you ignore a community’s custom, it can cause a great deal of conflict. So whenever you visit Malaysia by acknowledging a few of their customs you can make a smooth transition into their community. Here are some customs that you should be familiarized with if you intend to visit Malaysia.


Batu CavesMeeting And Greeting Customs

When it comes to meeting and greeting people within Malaysia, most of the natives are well aware of the traditional handshakes that westerners practice and they do so as well but with a few exceptions.

Malaysia women typically don’t shake hands with men, but they do shake the hands of women. Instead, men bow while placing their hand over their heart as a form of greeting women. Another significant aspect of Malaysian greetings is that, whenever they introduce someone they start off with the most important individual down to the lower ranking individual, they also introduce the elderly before the young and women before men.



Another interesting custom in Malaysia is the exclusion of surnames. Instead of utilizing a surname they use their parent’s name instead with the term ‘bin/binti’ meaning ‘son of/daughter of’. So a man by the name of ‘Rackeem Bin Alladin’, would translate to Rackeem son of Alladin, in english. The same goes for women, if a woman goes by the name of Ashirah Binti Alladin for example, in English it would translate to Ashirah daughter of Alladin. It is also interesting to note that in Malaysia it is considered friendly to call elders “uncle” or “auntie” instead of “Mr/Sir” or “Ma’am/Madam.”


Giving And Receiving Gifts

Another important set of customs you should get familiarized with is the process of giving and receiving gifts, especially if you intend to stay with a local family. A good rule of thumb to remember is the fact that for the most part, Malaysians don’t accept alcohol or anything that consists of pigskin. If you must, when you give them food it needs to be halal which is foods that are allowed to be consumed under the Islamic dietary guidelines.

Another thing to remember when it comes to giving gifts is that you should avoid wrapping them in black, white or blue paper, due to the fact that they associate those colors with death. Yellow on the other hand should be avoided as well because this is the color of the royal family.

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How To Buy The Best Fitting Cycling Jersey

There are millions of people around the globe who shop for jerseys, but most are typically after loose-fitting sports jerseys that display the logo of their favorite team and the name of their favorite player. Cyclists, however, look for more than popularity and a baggy fit when they seek a jersey. This type of sporting apparel serves a completely different purpose.

With a bike jersey, it’s about the function and comfort first and foremost, and thus finding a jersey that fits the right way is imperative. So, how do you find the best-fitting jersey? Here are some tips to help you find what you’re looking for.


Keys to Making Sure Your Jersey is the Perfect Fit

1: Think About the Material

Most cycling jerseys today are constructed using some type of synthetic material designed to wick away moisture while keeping the rider cool and dry. Stretchable, strong fabrics are ideal here. Polyester and poly-Lycra blends are primarily used, with jerseys containing more Lycra typically presenting a tighter fit. Think of Lycra-dominant jerseys like a bodysuit for swimmers. So consider the stretching that will go on; also, think about a jersey holding its shape, whether it has mesh panels, zipper features, etc.

The closer you get to a bodysuit-type of jersey, the tighter the fit is going to be. Most want some wiggle room for comfort’s sake.


new cycling jersey2: Think About the Right Fit

Next, think about the actual fit that you seek. If you want something that’s looser than your typical cycling jersey, you could find an option like the Club Fit. This type of jersey typically has a looser style with half sleeves and a longer waist. A Recreational Fit jersey is even looser, giving you more room to work with.

Think about sleeves as well. Any item with full sleeves is going to be more restricting than an item without sleeves. The same goes for zipper features. With a full or half-zip, you can adjust how the jersey fits to a degree.


3: Read Up On Some Reviews

Another way to ensure the best-fitting jersey possible is to check out what other people are saying. The odds are high that you’re going to get your jersey online, meaning trying it on in a conventional dressing room isn’t a possibility. So before you finalize any purchase, see what others are saying.

Different materials and different brands have different fits. It’s just like buying other clothing options and accessories. Those Levis fit differently than Wranglers. Nike fits differently than Reebok. Checking out what people say might let you know if the jersey is too tight for its listed size, too loose, or other pertinent information.


4: Look at the Exact Measurements

You cannot always trust those little letters: S, M, L, X, XL. Someone’s S might be another’s M, and on and on. So before you make any purchase, read the actual measurements. Instead of relying on that L, check out the measurement in inches. It should be around 42-44 for a large. Small should be 38-40; medium: 40-42; XL: 44-45; XXL: 46-48.

This isn’t necessarily set in stone, but it does give you an idea of what to be on the lookout for.

Finding the best-fitting jersey is a combination of personal preference and research. When you’re ready to purchase, you can find bicycle apparels here, including a wide range of jerseys in different materials and different sizes from different brands.


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Why Must Cycling Jerseys Be So Darn Tight?

The cycling jersey hasn’t changed too much in the past 30 years of professional cycling. From the yellow jersey of the Tour de France; to the local cycling club’s jersey. The cycling jersey remains full of bright colors, company logos, and seems to fit way too tight. Yet, there is a reason why the these jerseys continue to squeeze the circulation out of our bodies. Here are some of the best reasons to keep on wearing that cycling jersey tight to your body.




Reduce Drag

There is constant wind resistant when riding a bicycle. A baggy or loose fitting jersey will only capture more wind and cause greater resistant for the rider. This makes it harder for the cyclist to ride faster and farther. In professional cycling, where every second counts, cyclists where skin tight jerseys to increase speed and reduce effort. Some of the most advanced jerseys will reduce effort by 15 to 20 percent. Wearing a tighter jersey will make the next ride a little less strenuous.


superman cycling jersey




Moving at fast speeds is always dangerous. On a bicycle, a person is exposed to all of the surrounding outside elements. When someone is riding through the forest on a mountain bike or racing in the peloton; the last thing they need is for a piece of clothing to catch an object and cause a painful crash. Tight jerseys decrease the risk of accidentally getting caught on a tree branch or someone else’s handlebars. Be safe and always wear a tight cycling jersey.


yellow dots cycling jersey



Wick Moisture

Cycling is an extremely aerobic intense activity. A cyclist will work up a sweat even on cold winter rides. The synthetic material of a cycling jersey is specifically designed to wick moisture away from the body. This wicking keep cyclists cool and dry during a long ride. In order for the wicking material to work properly, the jersey must be tight to the body to absorb and remove the sweat from the skin. A tight jersey keeps everyone dry and comfortable.


eye on jersey




As with any outdoor activity that brings people far from shelter, a cyclist must prepare for changing weather conditions. The sky may open suddenly and dump buckets of rain or the setting of the sun will chill the air. In either case, a tight fitting jersey allows cyclists to slip a jacket on or off. Tight jerseys allow cyclists to build multiple layers without feeling bulky on their bike. Also, the stretchable tight fitting material of cycling jerseys make them easy to store and transport while riding a bicycle.


layer cycling jersey


A cycling jersey is not just about being fashionable while riding a bike. There are many functions to the tight fitting form of the cycling jersey. So, the next time you shop for cycling jerseys, make sure to get one that is snug.

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