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Debit or Credit Card: Which is Better for Use Overseas

Consumers who spend a lot of time traveling may wonder whether a debit or credit card is best for overseas usage. The truth is that it depends on the company that is offering the card. Debit cards have many of the same advantages as credit cards. The main difference is that the balance on the debit card is consumer controlled instead of company mandated. A customer can use either a Visa credit card or a debit MasterCard to purchase goods in the United States and abroad. The elements that a consumer should review before traveling are as follows:


Foreign Transaction Fees

Visa credit cards and debit cards both come with foreign transaction fees. Foreign transaction fees are fees that companies charge for purchases in other countries. These can be as high as 1 percent or as much as 3 percent of the transaction depending on whether the customer receives a double charge from his or her bank. In this case, a bank debit card could be the least friendly contender when it comes to traveling abroad. A new credit or debit card applicant can read about foreign transaction fees in the “terms and agreements” section of the card application.


Visa Card Foreign Transaction Fee

Visa Card Foreign Transaction Fee


Bankwest Breeze Platinum MasterCard Credit Card With Zero Foreign Transaction Fee

Bankwest Breeze Platinum MasterCard Credit Card With Zero Foreign Transaction Fee



International ATM Fees

Credit cards and debit cards can have high international ATM fees attached to them. Every time a consumer withdraws money from an international ATM machine, he or she could be looking at an additional $2 or $5 charge for the transaction. The same flat fee may apply to all purchases whether they are small or large. Therefore, a person who needs to take out $20 at an international location might have to give the credit card company 25 percent of that for the service. The best way to avoid this fee is to bring enough cash for the trip.


Schwab Bank Visa Credit Card with No ATM Fee

Schwab Bank Visa Credit Card with No ATM Fee


Travel Insurance

One good benefit that some Visa credit cards and MasterCard debit cards may offer its international travelers is travel insurance. Such insurance covers travelers when they are in other countries. The insurance covers things such as loss, theft, damage and automobile accidents. The benefit may also offer emergency vehicle services such as a fuel refill or tire replacement. Many Visa cards add this benefit for its qualified members. Business persons and travel lovers should always look for this helpful addition when they are reading about credit card and debit card benefits (see UOB Bank Debit MasterCard). Some travel insurance policies offer large amounts of coverage.


Visa Signature Card

Visa Signature Card – Automatically receive accident insurance coverage for yourself and your family when you pay for travel tickets with your covered Visa Signature Card.


World MasterCard

World MasterCard provides coverage for lost luggage and delays, trip delays, trip cancellations, missed connection and more.



The Conclusion

Debit cards and credit card both come with a wealth of positive attributes. Choosing the best option is the customer’s duty. One should always use a comparison tool to find the best deals for debit card and credit cards. Many factors are variable, so finding the perfect mixture of benefits may take a while. To minimize one’s expenses during traveling, he or she should speak with a customer service agent about any premium features that may be on the card.




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How Can Students Further Their Business Studies In The UK

Students that become majors in business studies get a broad view of business with an opportunity to specialize. This particular degree gives students skills that are highly sought after by employers. Students will become better problem solvers. They will also get the chance to learn communication, listening, and feedback skills.

A business studies degree is flexible. Students are able to change their majors in the second year to economics, marketing, etc.. Throughout the time spent studying, students will gain broad knowledge and training for their careers in the international business world. This will truly prepare them for today’s fast paced business world because these students learn to see the bigger picture.


Further Business Studies Options For Students

In the first year, students will study modules in areas such as management, marketing, economics, and international business. The second year will concern modules in sociology, finance, law, and entrepreneurship. By the final year, students will be able to select more specialized studies in areas related to business studies.

One of the top schools providing business degrees and further business studies is the University of Cambridge. In 2014, University of Cambridge was named a leading university. University of Cambridge, founded in 1209, has been very successful. Since then, the university has gone on to produce the most Phds per year out of any British University, as well as 90 Nobel prize winners.


University of Cambridge Judge Business School

University of Cambridge Judge Business School




Twinning Programs For Students

A twinning program allows you to study at multiple universities and gain an international experience. Ultimately, with a business studies degree students will have experience in two universities with less tuition costs and living expenses. Choose the twinning program that’s right for you. Though, University of East London (UEL) provides a great twinning program for business studies.


Royal Docks Business School - University of East London

Royal Docks Business School – University of East London


The savings provided by twinning programs prove to be one of the main benefits. Not to mention how an international experience will help anyone grow as a person and a professional. UK twinning programs have grown very popular recently.

As noted, there are many benefits to a business studies degree. Furthering your studies in business in the UK can prove to be a very beneficial decision. Students will find an increase in their employability upon graduating from a twinning program.


Brickfields Asia College Business Twinning Programs In UK

Brickfields Asia College Business Twinning Programs In UK






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Taking Full Advantage of Your Test-Prep Course

If you’re going to take a test preparation course to prepare for your SAT, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, or other exam – TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF IT.

This seems pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many students skip a class or two, show up tardy, or don’t do all of their homework. As a test-prep instructor, my job is obviously to help students score higher but there’s only so much I can do.

Sure, I use high quality materials appropriate at appropriate yet increasing difficulty levels. I brainstorm the most effective ways to explain concepts or rules, and I sit down with individual students if they have specific questions or want to go over targeted areas of the tests. I also constantly upgrade my professional knowledge through consulting other instructors and studying test-related materials.

However, students who are unmotivated or lax about studying simply can’t take away as much from my courses as can the harder-working ones.
The students who increase their scores significantly are almost always the ones who not only attend every class and mock test, but also listen attentively. They’re the ones who do the homework and regularly approach me with questions about it. The most studious go beyond the course materials, requesting recommendations for what other test-prep books to peruse.

So please, Please, PLEASE! Take full advantage of the test-prep course you pay for!




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What Qualifications Do You Need To Enter an International School?

As a rite of passage in life, admission to international schools can bring a variety of benefits. Students can learn about other cultures or go on to attend prestigious post-secondary institutions, carrying with them life-long values and lessons they’ll learn as a result. Another advantage of preparing for studying at such institutions is that along with a multi-cultural background, students will have the opportunity to develop contacts that can come in handy later in life in the professional world. As networking becomes the norm in the business world, contacts made in environments such as schools can be important indicators of professional referrals later in life for businesses or similar practices.


benefits of international school
The question naturally arises then as to what qualifications are needed for entering such schools. The answers can vary quite widely, but each country tends to have its own set of admissions standards of fairly similar focus, and schools and universities will often have comparison charts for students to use in the transfer of their exam scores to such institutions.

The importance and determinants of such qualifications are myriad: Usually a central series of examinations will determine where a child will attend school and what subject will become their central area of focus. The good news is that most examinations tend to be based on a meritocracy, whereby a student is judged by skill and potential rather than social connections.

Many countries use a qualification system that is set on British exam series like A-levels and other similar programs, wherein students compete for scores in a variety of subjects (usually three to five) for admission to universities. At an earlier level, examinations may be geared towards younger minds who will later prepare for examinations such as A-levels, but the variety of courses they may experience earlier in such examinations may be far wider and include a greater variety of subjects.

Countries like Malaysia use this system, for example. Other countries tend to emulate test-score and grading systems of the United States on an A to F scale (A meaning excellent and F meaning failure) as well as standardized test scores. Grades are taken over time via countless exams (sometimes weekly) that are cumulatively averaged into a Grade Point Average (GPAs) and then matched with a centralized exam in a student’s final year called the SATs. GPAs and SATs are then averaged by universities to judge a student’s work ethic and intelligence level and thus their capacity for work at a given institution.

Looking to the websites of the school you are interested in attending will often tell you what qualifications are necessary for admissions. Studying with family members or tutors will often increase scores, which as an indicator of later success tend as a rule to be a function of time spent studying. If you or a loved one are considering sending a child to a good school, click here for more information. While it can be confusing to know what the right choice is when deciding on attendance for a child at a given school, with the right attitude and information a good education can be found for almost any student.



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What is a Twinning Program in Colleges?

Students from around the world participate in twinning programs every year. Twinning programs provide students with opportunities to start their bachelor in business in one country and finish it in another country. The UK business transfer program is one of the best examples of a twinning program. Students can begin a business degree in their home country and transfer to the UK to complete a business degree. The reverse is also true, as UK students are able to go to other countries to finish their degrees as well. Each student has plenty of options for which country and school they would like to enroll in for their educational needs and preferences.

Twinning programs go far beyond the academic setting. When one student visits another country during their pursuit of a bachelor in business, they also get to learn about that culture. They will eat the food that their new friends eat, learn the language, and participate in cultural activities that are new to them. It’s hard to put a value on how much a child’s horizons can expand thanks to a twinning program. They will learn a lot more about the world around them by interacting with people from new corners of the globe that they may have never visited.

The benefits of the UK business transfer program also help the students discover new ways of thinking and learning. Whether a student chooses to come to the UK or leave the UK for another country, they’ll undoubtedly come to realize how big the world around them truly is. Students in other cultures often learn differently than what the child is used to at home. They’ll eventually return to their home country with a much more rounded education, and they will draw on these experiences for the rest of their lives.

Completing a bachelor in business will develop the student’s understanding of business ideas and techniques. The UK business transfer program lends the perfect opportunity for students to appreciate other cultures while continuing to achieve their educational goals in the classroom settings. The result is a winning situation for everyone involved. Colleges that sponsor transfer programs are inviting the students to take part in programs that teach them more than any other that they can choose. Your student will love all the things they see and learn during their time as a transfer student. The twinning program may end up being the highlight of their time as a student.

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