The English School Syllabus: A UK Heritage in Malaysia

International student education systems using the British school model as framework to instruction focus on the United Kingdom’s best practices to private K-10, college and vocational education administration. Prince of Wales International School (POWIIS) is part of the growing number of private schools in Malaysia. Educational and institutional goals at POWIIS reflect those proscribed under international school policies.… Read More

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Common Mistakes Made During the IELTS Writing Section by Real Ingenious Academic

As an IELTS teacher, whenever I set a writing practice, I am constantly presented with identical mistakes in every essay I mark.  I find myself making the same corrections and comments all the time. So I’ve put together some of the most common mistakes I come across when marking my IELTS students essays.

1)     Incorrect articles – a, an, the.… Read More

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8 facts about IELTS listening section

  1. The answer is often said louder and clearer than the rest of the recording.
  2. The answer is often repeated or spelled out.
  3. Expect the unexpected … the speaker might start saying something and then bringing up something totally different. Listen carefully to the last word he/she says. The last word counts!
  4. Underlying the key words in the questions helps you to stay focused while listening to the recording.
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Degrees in Law Field Create Many Job Opportunities

Whether you use your law degree to gain professorship access or simply work inside the courtroom as a law practitioner, there are a lot of benefits you’ll get from pursuing any degree program related to law.

  • Earning a degree in law offers adaptability you can’t see in many other professions. A lot of law degree holders today prefer not to work as practicing attorneys; some of them prefer to work as educators at collegiate or post-secondary levels.
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