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3 Things to Do Before Buying Your Home in Singapore 


Becoming a homeowner in Singapore is a great step to take. You can settle comfortably into a space with your family, laying down roots in a neighborhood or community. You can begin to accrue equity in your home for financial benefit, and you can even establish a fixed housing payment through your home loan. With rental rates rising in Singapore, this can help you to make housing more affordable for you in the future. While buying real estate in Singapore can be beneficial, you do not want to rush into this process without preparing yourself for it. Before you start your new home search, take these three important steps.


Make a List of Your Needs and Wants

You could spend many long weeks searching for a home in Singapore, if not longer. When this process drags on, you could feel stressed out, frustrated and anxious. However, when you understand what you are looking for in a new home, you can avoid this unpleasant potential consequence of a new home search. Make a list of all of the attributes that you need your new space to have, such as the minimum number of bedrooms that you require. Then, make a list of features that you would like it to have, such as extra cabinet space in the kitchen. When you are searching for homes, your property agent can use your list to help you quickly narrow down the options so that you focus only on properties that are well-suited for you.


Get Pre-Qualified For a Home Loan

While you want your new home to have all of the functional features you need and desire, you also need the property to be affordable for you. There are several costs associated with buying a home, such as the down payment, closing costs and regular home loan payments you will be responsible for. When you take time to get pre-qualified for a home loan before you start searching for property, you can refine your property search so that you only look at properties that are affordable for your budget. In addition, when you do find the right property, your pre-qualification can make your offer more attractive to your seller.



Research the Communities and Neighbourhoods

Singapore is a large area with many smaller neighbourhoods and communities. Each of these smaller communities has a different personality and a unique culture. In addition, the cost of real estate in these areas varies greatly. Your commute methods in each community varies. Access to quality education for your children, convenience to shopping centers and more will also vary. Take time to research the communities and neighbourhoods to find the best options for you. When you narrow down your search for a home into one or a couple of areas, you can more easily and quickly find the right new home to purchase.


Buying a new home in Singapore can be a dream come true that can truly benefit your life in a number of ways. By following these important steps up-front, you can streamline the process of finding a great new home to purchase.

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Renting vs Buying: Tips to Acquiring Property in Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful country that offers migrants the chance to enjoy huge amounts of economic success. In addition, it is possible to get real estate in Malaysia for an excellent price. Even though the prices are great it is important to follow a couple of important tips when looking for property in Malaysia.


Renting vs Buying

The first thing you need to consider is if you want to purchase the property or rent it. It is currently possible to rent property in Malaysia for an exceptionally cheap price. This is an excellent decision if you are first moving to the area, and have not decided where exactly you want to live. In addition, renting means that you will not have to worry about things like maintenance, taxes, and selling the property once you are done living there.

However, it is generally a much better idea to purchase the real estate out rightly. This is because you will be able to sell the property once you are done living there, and will be able to get back the money you spent on purchasing it. Because the real estate market in Malaysia is growing it is generally possible to sell the property for more than you purchased it. This is especially true if you kept it well maintained, or did something to improve the real estate.


Rent or Buy




Look for valuable characteristics of the real estate

When purchasing real estate you may be tempted to purchase property that has a lot of exceptionally nice gimmicks to it. However, these items can distract you from of the aspects of the property that makes it truly valuable.

It is important to purchase property that is in the right location. Generally, even the nicest property will be limited by the value of the surrounding area. This is why it is important to look at the value of the area, and ideally you should purchase real estate in an area that is increasing in value.

You should also look at the parts of the house that will be around for a long time. Look at things like the insulation, HVAC system, plumbing, and the overall appearance of the home. These items will make you more comfortable while you live in it, and will go a very long ways towards you being able to sell it for far more money than what you purchased it for.

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Smarter Investments: 4 Crucial Things To Know Before Investing in Property

With the opportunity to make hefty amounts of money, more people are looking to invest in property for financial gain. But before you quit your day job or even before you invest your life savings, there are some things to know before investing in property. Here are some things to keep in mind and consider when it comes to your financial well-being with real estate.

The first thing to consider with property is deciding what exactly what it is you are looking for. For some people, they simply fix up their basement and rent it out to college kids during the school year. For others, they want to develop their own apartment complex from the ground up. And of course, there is middle of the road individuals who simply want to own a few properties outright and then rent them or sell them for financial gains. It’s first important to have an idea of what type of property you’d like to invest in, before the remaining dominos go into place.


Watch How To Buy A House Part 1 by Action Principles


The second factor to consider is going to be your financial situation and how you decide to use it to invest. Someone who is investing with a group of partners may have a different investment strategy than someone who has raised all of the capital on their own. There are also other people who will need to take out loans before investing, which can affect how quickly you need to turn the properties into profit. The great part about this consideration is that your financial situation can change in time. So if you need to rely on loans or friends for your first few investments, if things go well, you can eventually rely mainly on yourself after a few successful property transactions.


Watch How To Buy A House Part 2 by Action Principles


How much remodeling or maintenance is going to be the next factor to consider before investing in real estate property. While homes that need more work are often less expensive, the time it takes to remodel a home can seriously cut into your financial margins and take a considerable amount of time. However, properties that are ready to move into or sell immediately, will be sure to have a lot of interest, meaning competition and prices for the unit will go up.

Location, location, location. If you are someone who always that that was just a saying and never knew the meaning behind it, it’s time you learn before investing in property. The location of your investment will play a lot into the desirability of it on the market. First of all, different municipalities have varying regulations for real estate, and it is crucial to be aware of what your getting yourself into. Also, if you are buying in the suburbs, you’ll probably be working with older generations and more families, while city property could be more attractive to younger people and singles. Be sure to look at the latest property news in regards to your location, taxes, schools, and more, before you decide if you should invest in it.


StarProperty News Portal

StarProperty News Portal


Investing in real estate property can be a lot of fun and certainly financially rewarding. But before you make any serious moves, consider the tips listed here to make sure you head the right way with your investment strategy.


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Financing International Property Purchases

It is very important for people to keep a few things in mind if they are thinking about financing international property, especially if they are not from that area. It can be quite tough, and even more difficult then financing property for sale or property for rent in one’s on area. No matter if it is a condominium or bungalow, there are some things that one must know if they are moving international. Some people do so just to diversify an investment portfolio or even provide rental income. Depending on where actually buys their house for sale or house for rent in another country, they may be able to benefit from a visa that permits one to to do business there. If one owns a business, then they are going to definitely become successful a lot sooner than they think.

Europe may even be a wise choice to decide upon if one is trying to move internationally because the the Euro has increased value to the dollar. Although there are certain risks that are involved such as currencies sliding , political changes can affect ownership laws and the buying process definitely can be difficult and even confusing. International buyers should definitely put a lot more care into buying internationally than at home. There are so many great benefits that anyone can take advantage of just from buying property in a different country. Research is definitely vital during this period in time, because people need to make sure that become familiar with everything there is to know about property in the area that they are moving into.

People should also not make any assumptions that the system works like their own when purchasing property internationally, because it can definitely be way different than what one may be used to. From the way that the homes are marketed to the entire tax system can be totally different, and that is why information needs to be obtained so one doesn’t regret making this decision about financing property internationally. It is also important to keep in mind or to make sure that the real estate or the owner of the home has full title to the home that one is thinking about buying before they purchase it. People need to also make sure that the real estate company behind the property even has a reputation that is reputable.

A number of issues really needs to be taken into consideration because every country is not the same, and they all have different laws regarding different issues. Ownership restrictions, development regulations, tax ramifications, and much more should be taken into consideration no matter what. This will all make the process go a lot quicker and smoother, but it is definitely more work than just buying property in one’s own area. Discover the state of the Asian property market 2012.


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