There are an unlimited amount of ideas for children’s birthday parties, and catering companies can help bring these ideas to life. The options are only limited by the child’s imagination and their parent’s vision. Children’s birthday parties usually center on a theme, such as a cartoon character, an animal, or even a favorite color.

Cartoon characters seem to be the most commonly used theme in a child’s birthday party. They can come from a story book, television show, or a movie. Picking their favorite one is a great place to start. Decorations can spread the theme around the room. Helping one use the food and cake to continue the theme is exactly what Adelaide catering can do. Catering services can come up with a menu that reflects the cartoon character’s favorite foods. If this isn’t known, they can create dishes that go along with them. For example, if the main character lives in the sea, they can use a menu that includes seafood that both the adults and children will enjoy. Adults may enjoy shrimp, but the kids will prefer fish sticks. The cake could be made in the shape of the cartoon character, or an image of them can be created with icing on top. Using a small action figure of the main character as a cake topper is a good choice. This way the birthday child will have a keepsake from their big day.

Animals can be perfect Birthday party themes. Brisbane catering can use one single animal, or go with a group such as circus, zoo, or wild animals. A menu for a circus themed party should include fun extras like popcorn and cotton candy. The cake could be shaped like a big top tent, or maybe a series of smaller cakes made to look like a circus train. For a wild animal or zoo birthday party the caterer can choose more traditional fare as the main meal. It is the cake that can show off some creativity. Separate cupcakes with different animal figures on top could be a fun and simple solution to the perfect children’s birthday cake. The caterer could also go with a tiered cake and place groups of animals on each tier, similar to how they would appear as you walk through the zoo.

Sydney catering can help one achieve a beautiful children’s birthday party using a color as the main theme. The menu could consist of foods in that shade. If the color was yellow for example, the adults could enjoy au gratin potatoes, a variety of classic cheeses, or corn dishes. Children could have macaroni and cheese, bananas, or puddings in that color. The caterer should be able to make it both fun and appetizing for all. For a little girl’s birthday cake they could add flowers and ribbons in the favorite color. Boys might prefer the color to be in the actual frosting.

No matter what theme the child decides on, a caterer can be very helpful in carrying the theme throughout the food and desserts. They should also be able to accommodate any size birthday party. Spit roast catering is a wonderful option for larger groups. Many catering ideas can be incorporated into children’s birthday parties. Find out more about perfect catering for wedding.