One of the main complaints that women have about their bodies is the appearance of cellulite that is prone to appear in several areas after entering adulthood or gaining weight. It is often most present in areas where fat is stored, which includes the thighs, buttocks, and even the lower abdomen where the skin has begun to form dimples. Although women may feel like they’re alone with the skin condition, cellulite in men is also known to occur. An estimated two percent of those with cellulite are men, proving that some people are still prone to acquiring the condition despite their gender.

Men may increase in their overall weight from time to time, but will not be able to spot cellulite as easily as women due to their lack of estrogen. Estrogen fat cells naturally clump together and create the dimples that make cellulite for fat that is less dispersed. Men also have thicker skin than women, which makes it difficult for the cellulite to appear as easily in areas of fat. Women also have thicker subcutaneous fat pads, which makes the cellulite become more apparent.





Another common cause of cellulite being more present in women than men is because women often store more fat and tend to weigh more. Women naturally have a higher percentage of body fat, especially after having children. For women, a healthy range of body fat is 20 to 25 percent as men should be in the 10 to 15 percent range. Cellulite is also dependent on hereditary factors due to the anatomy of the skin, but has been known to affect women throughout the world and in different cultures for a condition that is not uncommon to certain heritages.

Another common reason that you may not find a man complaining about his cellulite is due to the fact that the fat in a man’s body tends to be stored further away from the skin and is deposited in a different way than a woman’s body. When men do get cellulite, it is most commonly found on their necks or abdomens.

Although cellulite is often more present for those who are overweight, it can still be a problem for individuals who are within their recommended weight range due to a lack of muscle or a sedentary lifestyle. Poor blood circulation can also contribute to cellulite and make it easier to form. Other causes include hormonal levels, consuming an excess of alcohol, or even smoking for several exterior factors that can tamper with hormones.



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For women, cellulite can begin to appear as early as the teenage years as the body begins to grow and develop with a change in hormonal levels. By staying active and mobile each day, it will work to combat the skin condition and reduce the overall appearance for skin that is more firm and taut for both genders. Drinking more water will also help for hydrated and healthy skin, as well as maintaining a balanced diet and reducing stress levels. Cellulite can take several months to reduce in appearance, but can effectively disappear with the right habits formed.

Topical creams can also aid in the process of reducing cellulite for men and women due to the caffeine, aminophylline, and theophyilline that is present for chemicals that work to break down the body’s fat and create a smoother appearance. Although the topical creams that are available on the market are proven to work effectively, they do not reduce the appearance of cellulite completely and should be used in conjunction with a caloric-restricted diet and exercise.

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