Most businesses want a dedicated server when it comes to meeting their hosting needs. This is because it is faster, more convenient, and more controllable than shared hosting. Using dedicated server hosting as opposed to shared hosting means that you will not experience long loading times throughout certain periods, like you would if someone on a shared hosting plan with you started using up all the bandwidth. You see, the bandwidth allocates itself to whoever uses it first, so if they are using it all, you are left with nothing. And worst of all, you’re still paying for that service.

A lot of people tend to like using a dedicated server Malaysia has to offer, because it’s considered off-shore hosting. You can do a lot more with off-shore hosting, because it doesn’t limit you as much with certain laws and restrictions that you would find yourself fighting against if your server was hosted in the United States or the UK. You can also have a lot more access to your Malaysia dedicated server, such as SSH access and other privileges you would not get if you were going through a shared hosting company.

The idea of having a dedicated server is that each box is your own. Whatever you do with it is up to you, you simply buy or rent the hardware and use it for your purposes. It also means that you can get more 1-to-1 customer service with the person that you are getting it hosted through, because they will not have hundreds of clients that they have to go through and help every day. Most of the time, all the problems that you would have with shared hosting, (such as lag, hardware issues, software issues, etc), are non-existent when using a Malaysia dedicated server anyways.

And best of all, you can find dedicated server hosting cheaper in areas like Malaysia than anywhere else, and it’s because of their currency exchange rates. The U.S. dollar can be stretched much farther in different third-world countries than anywhere else in the world, which means that you can get a server that normally costs a few hundred dollars per month for only a dozen or so per month. This is one of the main reasons that businesses decide to use Malaysia as their number one server provider. This is also where a lot of the shared hosting providers get their servers from as well!

So basically, you can get the same server that you would get going through shared hosting, except without fifty other people sharing the connection when they don’t have to. No more wasting money with hosting companies that are literally sitting on a goldmine and letting their customers go underserved. Check out some of the awesome rates on dedicated hosting that Malaysia can offer you, and take advantage of them while there are still plenty available. Also, keep in mind that it is the most cost-efficient to just buy a server and host it in the U.S, because then you can do maintenance and what-not much easier on it.

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