Whether you use your law degree to gain professorship access or simply work inside the courtroom as a law practitioner, there are a lot of benefits you’ll get from pursuing any degree program related to law.

  • Earning a degree in law offers adaptability you can’t see in many other professions. A lot of law degree holders today prefer not to work as practicing attorneys; some of them prefer to work as educators at collegiate or post-secondary levels. Many also serve as consultants for financial agencies and corporations. Another notable field considered by most law school graduates nowadays is politics. In fact, earning this degree is often one of the main requirements for those who want to become a politician.
  • Being a lawyer brings genuine satisfaction for people working in the areas of legal aid and social justice departments. If you pursued a law degree, your specialized skills and knowledge is a big advantage in helping people attain their status in life.
  • Self-employment has become a viable option for many law degree holders, since this gives them greater working flexibility and independence as well. In a 2008 report, 30% of law practitioners are self-employed. This clearly means that they’re working as hired guns for corporations while some runs their own law offices. Lawyers working under the courtesies of private practice focus in criminal or civil law.
  • A higher compensation awaits law school graduates. As of 2010, the average salary for lawyers was estimated at $110,000 (ranging from $70,000 for state and government agencies to $120,000 for multinational corporations). This is a relatively higher salary compared to those of students who have earned their Master’s Degree (with a salary of $50,000 every year).
  • Earning for a degree in law gives you the opportunity to work in specific areas of interest. This in turn lets any law practitioner or attorney to specialize in cases he or she is interested. Specialization in this field is an advantage for those who enjoy working under corporate banking institutions. Your studies will help you uncover which areas of law match your interest.