As a parent, you’re concerned about making the best choices for your little one. You ensure your baby has the proper nutritional requirements and plenty of tender loving care. Do you realize that your child’s clothing, accessories and even toys may contain chemicals or synthetics that could have negative effects? It’s time to take a good look at what surrounds your child and what you’re he or she is exposed to. Maybe it’s time to switch to all-natural baby care products.

There are several benefits to converting to natural and organic baby care products. Obviously, nature’s own made products are meant to be safer. These do not contain synthetic or man-made chemicals and additives. When you use natural products for baby care your child stands a lower risk of skin allergies. He or she will not be exposed to substances that could cause a negative reaction or affect his or her health and well being later on.

Consider organic clothing for your baby or toddler. Most all babies have sensitive skin to some degree. If your child has particularly sensitive skin or allergies to synthetic materials, organic and natural clothing could be the ideal solution. Think of the natural fibers that touch your baby’s skin. Cotton is best for warm weather. It offers the breathability and comfort your child deserves.

Baby ClothsSynthetics used for making baby clothing may irritate an infant’s delicate skin. Your baby could develop a rash or redness. Choosing organic and natural materials are much safer. Did you also know that other clothing that is not labeled as “organic” or “natural” may comprise of materials that have been grown with the use of pesticides and chemicals? There may be trace amounts on clothing. Do you really want these harsh substances touching your baby’s skin?

Another benefit to choosing all natural baby clothes is the way they feel against the skin. These products are softer to the touch. Clothing that is not organic or natural often feels rougher and more irritating. Natural clothing may also be more absorbent.

Infant clothing is not the only thing to be concerned with. baby products such as baby oils are another cause for concern. For instance, mineral oil contains petroleum. Not only might this chemical be absorbed through the skin, it may also be ingested by your baby should she place her fingers in her mouth. Consider the benefits of switching to an all natural product as a skin protectant and conditioner for baby. Look for natural ingredients such as lavender or almond oil.

Baby toys that are natural are a smart choice, too. It’s only logical that natural baby toys are the best option. These are assuredly non-toxic. Toys that are made synthetically may contain chemicals that are potentially harmful to your baby. These chemicals may disrupt hormonal balance in some way. Even more disturbing is the possibility of toys containing traces of lead. Why take the risk? When choosing toys look for natural woods that are not constructed with glue and adhesives.

Choosing natural alternatives for your baby’s care and entertainment is a smart choice. Play it safe and give your baby the natural advantage. You’ll note the benefits and so will your baby.