It was very fortunate that my brothers and I got to spend two weeks in Singapore and all our expenses were paid by our father. Arriving in Singapore was a blast. Moreover, it became more enjoyable when Maxi Cab was introduced to us by the receptionist. At first, we thought that a cab would be ready to take us anywhere we want to go. But we were proved wrong when we realized that it’s a limousine service and we weren’t prepared for this one.

I never believed that limo services are available in Singapore. We can’t even say a word when we saw the limousine. It was very cozy when we were inside. A free champagne bottle was offered to us and the three of us feel like VIPs. When we arrived in a club, the driver even opened the door for us. When we stepped outside the limo, we don’t know if we would be embarrassed when most people had their eyes on us.

It was really an unforgettable experience, thanks to Maxi Cab. I wish that limousine services would also be available here in my city. Even though the limo service was expensive, we never had any regrets. At least, for once, we felt so rich.