Students that become majors in business studies get a broad view of business with an opportunity to specialize. This particular degree gives students skills that are highly sought after by employers. Students will become better problem solvers. They will also get the chance to learn communication, listening, and feedback skills.

A business studies degree is flexible. Students are able to change their majors in the second year to economics, marketing, etc.. Throughout the time spent studying, students will gain broad knowledge and training for their careers in the international business world. This will truly prepare them for today’s fast paced business world because these students learn to see the bigger picture.


Further Business Studies Options For Students

In the first year, students will study modules in areas such as management, marketing, economics, and international business. The second year will concern modules in sociology, finance, law, and entrepreneurship. By the final year, students will be able to select more specialized studies in areas related to business studies.

One of the top schools providing business degrees and further business studies is the University of Cambridge. In 2014, University of Cambridge was named a leading university. University of Cambridge, founded in 1209, has been very successful. Since then, the university has gone on to produce the most Phds per year out of any British University, as well as 90 Nobel prize winners.


University of Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Cambridge Judge Business School




Twinning Programs For Students

A twinning program allows you to study at multiple universities and gain an international experience. Ultimately, with a business studies degree students will have experience in two universities with less tuition costs and living expenses. Choose the twinning program that’s right for you. Though, University of East London (UEL) provides a great twinning program for business studies.


Royal Docks Business School - University of East London
Royal Docks Business School – University of East London


The savings provided by twinning programs prove to be one of the main benefits. Not to mention how an international experience will help anyone grow as a person and a professional. UK twinning programs have grown very popular recently.

As noted, there are many benefits to a business studies degree. Furthering your studies in business in the UK can prove to be a very beneficial decision. Students will find an increase in their employability upon graduating from a twinning program.


Brickfields Asia College Business Twinning Programs In UK
Brickfields Asia College Business Twinning Programs In UK