The process for creating a peaceful work environment is different for every person. His or her decisions are dependent on the type of work performed, the physical work space, and other individuals with which he or she interacts. However, there are common elements to making a work environment more relaxing and harmonious, resulting in a sense of peace.



People spend a third of their life, or more, at work, so creating a space that feels peaceful and welcoming is important. Each environment has a certain feel or energy. This is often communicated by a work space’s decorations, or lack of decoration, along with the overall organization of the space. Does the space communicate stress due to a general sense of disorganization or clutter? Does the space communicate a sense of calm and order through good task organization or clean, pleasant surface areas?

If the space is more personal and rarely sees traffic, it is a good idea to make sure the space matches the personality of the individual, creating an environment in which he or she feels most supported and relaxed. Some elements to consider when thinking about space design include:

  • Favorite colors
  • Hobbies
  • Reminders of family and friends
  • Personal lifestyle

Creating a peaceful space can also be as simple as tailoring the reorganization of specific task areas or lighting to support the daily workflow. If one area of the space is typically visited by coworkers or customers, it might be a good candidate for a pastel color scheme, comfortable but simple seating, or inspirational touches such as soothing pictures or motivational posters. The type of business or industry should inform the level of casual or formal decoration used for areas frequented by customers.


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Inner Peace and Outward Rapport

Physical surroundings are a part of what creates a peaceful work environment. But beyond the tangible space itself, emotional and psychological ones are critical to address in creating a peaceful environment. Each interaction with coworkers or customers is an opportunity to express both personal and professional demeanor. Engaging with others in the work environment is the perfect time to:

  • Express inner peace
  • Create rapport
  • Build trust
  • Open new lines of communication

Accomplishing any one of those goals can seem daunting, but each one can be achieved more rapidly by starting small and moving forward with patience. Minor shifts in behaviors and tasks can result in large changes. For example, when communicating to create rapport behaviors such as careful listening, speaking slowly and calmly, and giving genuine compliments when the opportunity arises can create significant change in the way individuals view and respond to each other.





Planting small seeds of good will by using kind words and a genuine caring attitude can grow the existing trust and positive feelings that others hold. Offering to help other individuals during deadlines or personal emergencies is another way to expand rapport and create warm feelings. A side effect of any altruistic act is often a sense of satisfaction and peace, knowing that help given freely made a significant difference in another’s life.


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Achieving a peaceful work environment does not require much time or energy. A shift in attitude and communication style, along with an increase in attention to mindful actions can result in significant results. Creating peace in a work space can be accomplished by anyone through small changes, both internal and external, and by choosing those changes that will have the largest impact on his or her environment.

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