Whether we are talking about business, trade, language, culture, cuisine, or a host of other topics, Singapore is the true melting pot that makes the United States and many other nations seem rather uniform by comparison. China, India, and the West all converge and create an astounding diversity. To live like a Singaporean could mean many things to many people, or it could mean adopting a little bit of it all until your own personal culture has become a mini melting pot of sorts.

The island nation of Singapore is, to make a giant understatement, a very well-connected city. It is a central hub to its region, and to an extent, world-wide. Whether for business, pleasure, or a little of both, it is no surprise that someone would decide to move to Singapore. Once in town, there exists a good public transport and road system, but the problem comes in when one tires of train and bus and bike and longs for the freedom they had in their own country, of having a car of their own to use on a daily basis. Cars are very expensive in Singapore, and it is very complicated legally and costly to import a car. The answer will likely to be lease a vehicle.




You can rent modern, high-quality autos by the day, or week, or for long-term. There may be age and driving experience requirements, but most should be able to find a rental agency that will lease them a good car at a reasonable rate. You will want to ask about any special charges as well, such as extra for using the rental car across the straits in Malaysia. Long-term car lease in Singapore like Express Car Rental is quite common now and is the answer to the transportation needs of many foreigners and locals alike. Visitors planning to stay long enough that a car is felt necessary, but not long enough to justify the expense of purchasing a car in Singapore or moving one there, will especially see the value in it.

To get out consistently to your business appointments and to fully explore the island, its culture, museums, tourist attractions, restaurants, etc., a vehicle leased for the long haul may be the best option. As a foreigner living in Singapore, you will find yourself in demographic that tops 20%, and not at all out of place, but to learn about and put on the local culture (or cultures), you will need an affordable way to get around town for the duration of your stay. Long term leasing is a practical step to take to help you live like a local.