If you’re even slightly obsessed with beauty products, you’re probably aware that Korean cosmetics are becoming more and more popular among beauty and fashion bloggers. Famous for bringing us BB cream and the legendary 10-step skincare routine, South Korea’s beauty scene has consistently presented the west with innovative and unique products. From essences and serums, to shades of lipstick designed exclusively for Korean drama stars, Korean brands are quickly becoming international trend-setters.

So, you’re hooked on BB cream, and you’ve already tried products from a few of the better-known Korean brands. Where do you go next? The number of products and brands on the market can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for eyeshadow and lip colors in fun, creamy shades, check out 3 Concept Eyes Cosmetics for a full range of bright and pastel matte lipsticks, lip stains, and eye makeup. They also offer an amazing selection of facial cleansing products and foundations. If you’ve been looking for skin essences and oil cleansers at reasonable prices, they have those, too. Essences can be hard to find in western shops, where they haven’t quite caught on yet, but why not be ahead of the curve!


One of the most delightful aspects of Korean beauty products is the packaging. Elegant, cute, or cartoonish, Korean brands put a lot of effort into making their products look nice, and Too Cool for School makeup is no exception. Offering a huge array of cosmetics and skin care products, their packaging is downright adorable, and many of their products are one of a kind. Unique items like Milk Tint lip stain are perfect for getting the “gradient lip” effect currently popular among K-pop stars, and they also offer a line of skincare products containing fermented rice wine, which is supposed to aid in circulation and nutrient absorption. Who knew?


Too Cool For School


If you’ve been searching for new and unusual beauty products, South Korean brands are the ones to follow. Korean culture prizes both physical beauty and innovation, and it’s obvious from the rising popularity of these brands in the west that they’re clearly on to something. If you’re ready to branch out from BB cream, Korean makeup brands offer a wealth of unique cosmetics that are waiting to be explored.