New York Skin Solutions Beauty Tips Come From A Few Different Sources: Here’s What You Might Be Missing Out!

There are many steps to take if your goal is to become more beautiful, and they involve a lot more than the latest fashion wear or a great hairstyle. It is pointless spending hours on your eyebrows and the rest of your face if you didn’t get enough rest the night before. Some women believe that the color of their lipstick will determine how many people give them a second look and while that may be true in some instances, making yourself beautiful is about the entire package. If long term beauty is what you are after here are just a few tips to help you achieve that goal.


Tips And Tricks

It is the simplest things that make the most difference when it comes to beauty, which is a concept that evades some people. For instance,

► Make sure that the lipstick you choose does not clash with the clothes you wear.

► When focusing on an eyeliner think about using liquid for an appearance that professionally stands out.


► Do not forget your nails and remember to match your color as with your lipstick.

► Spend a few minutes grooming your eyelashes as this will accentuate your eyes.


► Cover up any marks or unwanted distractions on your neck.



All natural

The good news is that improving your looks through a variety of traditional steps will not necessarily increase your budget, especially since natural options have shown positive results. Begin by increasing your water intake and as challenging as that task may seem, remember that many of the nutrients that your skin depends on come with the help of water. Loaded with vitamin E, which is also important for your skin, apply Aloe Vera directly to your skin to help moisten it.

4Ew1xyE You may be accustomed to hearing about guacamole on the face but did you know that strawberries are also great for helping you deal with bags and wrinkles?

Take It From Mom

Whether you learned the art of becoming beautiful from trial and error or from a beauty school, everyone knows that the best source of information comes from mom. A great deal of the tips that your mom will pass on to you will evolve around your health, such as reminding you to get at least eight hours sleep. You might hear other things too.

► Keep your hands away from your face.

► Remember to apply your sunscreen.

Don’t make your eyebrows too thin.

► Your hands are part of your beauty too, remember to apply lotion to them.

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3 Things to Do Before Buying Your Home in Singapore 


Becoming a homeowner in Singapore is a great step to take. You can settle comfortably into a space with your family, laying down roots in a neighborhood or community. You can begin to accrue equity in your home for financial benefit, and you can even establish a fixed housing payment through your home loan. With rental rates rising in Singapore, this can help you to make housing more affordable for you in the future. While buying real estate in Singapore can be beneficial, you do not want to rush into this process without preparing yourself for it. Before you start your new home search, take these three important steps.


Make a List of Your Needs and Wants

You could spend many long weeks searching for a home in Singapore, if not longer. When this process drags on, you could feel stressed out, frustrated and anxious. However, when you understand what you are looking for in a new home, you can avoid this unpleasant potential consequence of a new home search. Make a list of all of the attributes that you need your new space to have, such as the minimum number of bedrooms that you require. Then, make a list of features that you would like it to have, such as extra cabinet space in the kitchen. When you are searching for homes, your property agent can use your list to help you quickly narrow down the options so that you focus only on properties that are well-suited for you.


Get Pre-Qualified For a Home Loan

While you want your new home to have all of the functional features you need and desire, you also need the property to be affordable for you. There are several costs associated with buying a home, such as the down payment, closing costs and regular home loan payments you will be responsible for. When you take time to get pre-qualified for a home loan before you start searching for property, you can refine your property search so that you only look at properties that are affordable for your budget. In addition, when you do find the right property, your pre-qualification can make your offer more attractive to your seller.



Research the Communities and Neighbourhoods

Singapore is a large area with many smaller neighbourhoods and communities. Each of these smaller communities has a different personality and a unique culture. In addition, the cost of real estate in these areas varies greatly. Your commute methods in each community varies. Access to quality education for your children, convenience to shopping centers and more will also vary. Take time to research the communities and neighbourhoods to find the best options for you. When you narrow down your search for a home into one or a couple of areas, you can more easily and quickly find the right new home to purchase.


Buying a new home in Singapore can be a dream come true that can truly benefit your life in a number of ways. By following these important steps up-front, you can streamline the process of finding a great new home to purchase.

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Facial Pigmentation During Pregnancy: Cause, Prevention, and Cure

Melasma, or the mask of pregnancy, is an embarrassing discoloration of the face. Dark, irregular areas slowly appear on the cheeks and nose. Sometimes they also form on the upper lip and forehead. This discoloration most commonly appears during pregnancy, but it can also appear on women taking oral contraceptives or hormonal replacement therapy.



Melasma is thought to be the result of female hormones sensitizing the pigment-producing cells to sunlight. Melasma requires both female hormones and exposure to sunlight to develop. It usually develops slowly as the cells respond to the double stimulation by gradually producing more pigment (melanin). Of course, not all women develop melasma during pregnancy.


Women with light brown skin who live in areas with intense sunlight are those most likely to develop melasma. A genetic predisposition and thyroid disorders can also contribute to the development of melasma.


Clinical Course 

In most women, the discoloration will gradually fade away over the course of several months after giving birth or after discontinuing the hormone-containing medication.


Any sun exposure at all during this period will intensify the discoloration and delay the eventual fading of the mask. Some women retain the discoloration for years after it forms.


Sun Exposure 

The best treatments for pigmentation of this type involve avoiding sun exposure. Any pregnant woman who notices the beginning stages of melasma can prevent it from progressing by diligently avoiding the sun. Once the pigmentation has developed, no treatment will be successful unless sun exposure is successfully stopped. Staying indoors, wearing hats, and always using broad-spectrum sunscreens that include both chemical agents and physical blockers such as zinc oxide are necessary to stop the cells from producing more melanin.





Applying depigmenation creams that contain hydroquinone can fade the color away. Hydroquinone blocks an enzyme called tryosinase that is essential for formation of melanin. The safety of hydroquinone use during pregnancy and while breast-feeding is unclear; therefore, to be completely safe, it is best avoided until the infant is weaned. This complication makes hydroquinone rather difficult to use to treat melasma caused by pregnancy.




Chemical Peels 

An alternative to hydroquinone is a glycolic acid peel. Glycolic acid is derived from fruits and is thought to be quite safe to use during pregnancy and breast-feeding. A glycolic acid peel removes the outer layer of skin, including the pigmented cells. A program of monthly glycolic acid peels combined with strict sun avoidance can fairly quickly fade away all signs of excess facial pigmentation. Often only two or three peels are necessary, but sun protection will need to be continued for many months to prevent the pigmentation from recurring.




At Home Peel

Deep peels should be performed only under medical supervision. However, a mild glycolic acid peel can safely be performed at home. Purchase or prepare a 30% glycolic acid solution. Dissolve a half-cup of baking soda in two cups of water. Apply petroleum jelly to the lips and around the eyes- anywhere you don’t want the acid to touch. Carefully wipe the acid onto the face.

After five minutes, begin washing the face with the baking soda solution. Use up all of the solution, and then wash the face well with plenty of water. Pat dry and carefully moisturize. The skin may become reddened after this treatment, as if it had received a sunburn. After it heals, the pigmentation should be noticeably reduced in intensity if sun exposure was successfully prevented. Peels can be repeated every four weeks until the pigmentation resolves.

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How to Pick a Long-Lasting Used Car in Singapore

Choosing a second-hand vehicle in Singapore is a process that no one should take lightly. The goal of the process should be to find the best used car in Singapore. The best Singapore used car will not be the vehicle with the prettiest colour or the coolest design. Instead, the consumer should focus on trying to pick the used car with the most benefits and features. The primary goal of the shopper should be to pick a used car that will last a decade. A used vehicle can be highly productive for a shopper if he or she buys one that will last. The following contains some useful tips on picking a reliable used automobile that can last for up to 10 years:



Set your budget when you purchasing a used car to avoid overspend.


Pricing and Budget for a Used car

A consumer should inspect his or her budget before shopping for a Singapore used vehicle to buy. One cannot purchase a vehicle with unavailable funds. Therefore, the consumer will need to calculate his or her disposable income to find a comfortable monthly payment or full payment. The person should gather all resources such as loans, pay checks and family contributions, as well. The disposable income is a number that is equal to the monthly income minus the monthly bills. The leftover figure will let the consumer know how much money is available for automobile expenses.



Choose the best manufacturer that produce vehicle, Hyundai is one of the best vehicle manufacturer.


Choosing the Best Manufacturer

Most shoppers have an idea of which automobile manufacturer they prefer. For example, one person may feel as if a used Hyundai is the most reliable automobile to purchase. Another person may have a preference for a Mitsubishibecause of the company’s design style. A consumer who is unclear of the manufacture of choice should conduct a small amount of research on desirable manufacturers. That person should look for consumer reviews and recent news about the company. Additionally, the buyer will want to search for recalls and other “red flag” information.



Your vehicle providenecessary used car features such as GPS, multiple air bags, blindside detection, disc changers and many more.


Choosing the Necessary Used Car Features

A shopper will need to know which features that he or she would like to see in a used vehicle before making a decision. Some common features that some second-hand vehicles may have are GPS, ABS, four-wheel drive, multiple air bags, blindside detection, disc changers, Bluetooth and more. Writing down a list of necessary features will help the shopper to narrow his or her choices. For example, a used car dealership in Singapore may only offer Subaru vehicles that have four-wheel drive.



Inspect and test drive the vehicle before you purchase it to check the quality/ condition of the vehicle.


Inspection and Test Drive

The shopper can search for the best used cars in Singapore once that person has narrowed down the search criteria. The next step is visiting a trustworthy Singapore car dealer and conducting inspections and a test drive. The inspection will give the shopper an idea of the overall condition of the used vehicle. First, the shopper will want to inspect the outside of the vehicle. The tires should have good tread, and the brakes should have at least 50 percent padding on them. Next, the person will want to look underneath the vehicle. The used car should have no leaks dropping to the ground, as leaks are a sign of repair necessity.
The shopper should check under the hood and ensure that all fluids are full and no visible leaks are apparent. The vehicle’s tailpipe should not expel blue, black or cloudy white smoke. During the test-drive, the shopper will want to pay close attention to the car’s speed, gear switching and power. Gears should switch at the appropriate time, and the used vehicle should have a healthy amount of pickup. After the person finishes the inspection and the test drive, he or she can begin negotiating with the dealer.


Top 10 most reliable longest lasting cars over

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These 5 Healthy Smoothie Recipes Will Fuel Your Day Without The Added Pounds


Guzzling caffeinated beverages all day can drain your energy and leave you with the jitters. Give your body a boost of energy without all the side effects with these tasty smoothies.


Green Tea Smoothie

  • ½ cup fresh milk
  • 1 tablespoon Green matcha tea powder
  • 2 tablespoons agave syrup
  • ½ cup Greek yogurt

This slightly sweet drink is the perfect way to keep cool in the summer months and stay energized all year long. It uses green matcha tea that has been known to help keep weight off. Matcha’s antioxidants are known to prevent certain types of cancers and provide a boost of energy without the jittery anxiety that coffee brings.

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend for a few seconds until ingredients are thoroughly mixed together. For a richer smoothie, use whole milk, and for a healthier, lighter drink, use fat-free milk. The yogurt adds a nice tang, while the agave adds a little sweetness without a lot of calories or unhealthy refined sugars. For a decadent dessert, add a dollop of whipped cream on top. Use fat-free whipped cream for a healthy dessert.


Green Tea Smoothie


Protein Replacer

  • ½ cup almond milk
  • 1 cup spinach leaves
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • ½ banana

Add top three ingredients to a blender. Chop the banana into small pieces and add to the blender. Blend all ingredients for a few seconds until smooth. This smoothie is perfect for a healthy breakfast or just after a run. The spinach has plenty of iron and is the perfect way to get a ton of nutrients into your breakfast. The almond milk gives the drink a velvety texture, while the blueberries add antioxidants and a little bit of natural sweetness. This smoothie is great for anyone who hates eating their vegetables.


Cashew Milk Smoothie

  • 1 cup roasted cashews
  • 1 cup cold water
  • 2 tablespoons agave syrup
  • 1 pinch of nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon

Throw all ingredients into a blender, and blend for one minute. If the mixture is too thick, use a cheesecloth to strain the mixture, or add extra water to thin the mixture. If you cannot find roasted cashews, you can roast them yourself. Place cashews in a single layer on a metal baking sheet and pop them into a 325 degree oven for 20 minutes. Allow the cashews to cool down before throwing them in the blender. This smoothie tastes great on its own, or it can be used as a substitute for fresh milk in cereals, oatmeal and coffee. It is perfect for anyone with a dairy allergy or intolerance. Cashews contain folate and magnesium, which is important for healthy bones.



Morning Eye Opener

  • 4 ounces cold coffee
  • 4 ounces cold milk
  • 2 teaspoons cocoa powder
  • 1 cup vanilla Greek yogurt

Forgo your trip to the coffee hut, and get your morning energy burst with this eye-opening smoothing. Add Greek yogurt and cocoa powder into a blender. Pour cold coffee and milk over the yogurt cocoa mixture, and blend for a few minutes. The vanilla yogurt has a natural sweetness, and the cocoa powder makes this smoothie feel a little more decadent. Cocoa powder also has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that can help keep your digestive system happy and healthy. If you feel like you need a few extra vitamins, add a frozen banana for a thicker texture and a burst of potassium.


Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

  • ½ cup cashew milk (see recipe above)
  • 1/3 cup canned pumpkin
  • 1/3 cup Greek yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon agave syrup

Add pumpkin and yogurt to blender first. Pour milk and agave syrup over pumpkin yogurt mixture and blend for a few seconds until mixed thoroughly. This smoothie is packed with fiber and beta-carotene. The agave syrup adds a little sweetness without a lot of refined sugar. To make this smoothie more decadent, rim your glass with a mixture of crushed graham crackers and sugar in the raw.

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