Singapore residents, who are short of money have someone to turn to. JR Star Credit offers short-term loans to help people through situations with emergency expenses. Things happen in life, and money is needed to help solve the problem. Not everyone, however, has the ability to raise cash quickly. Poor credit and few assets make a traditional personal loan in Singapore impractical.

This is why payday loans have become an important service to working people throughout the country. A person can apply for this type of loan and not have good credit or any credit at all. What a lending company is looking for is a person’s ability to pay back the loan. This simply means that you have a steady job, and an income that can be verified.

These loans are unsecured, and the amount the loan is kept below a person’s paycheck. Because of this, they are taking the form of a cash advance on a person’s next paycheck and are often called cash advanced loans.

How much money you can get will be dependent upon how much money an individual receives each pay period. The loans are usually from one to four weeks and are designed to fit into a working person’s pay period. Because these loans are for such a short period of time, the money charged is often quoted as fees. The annual interest rates associated with this type of loan has little meaning because the loan is paid back in a matter of days. Each person contemplating a payday loan should look at his or her particular circumstance and decide if the fee makes financial sense.

Citizens of Singapore need only provide their pay slips when applying for a payday loan. Non-citizens can apply for a foreigner loan with a passport and a pay slip. JR Star Credit will also accept a work permit or employer contract for eligibility.

JR Star Credit has an outstanding reputation in Singapore and is ready to help with a financial emergency today. Their process of applying for and getting approval for a loan of this type is quick and easy. There are no background checks, other than for identification, and they offer these loans 24 hours a day over the Internet.

Their fees are competitive and are among the lowest found in the industry. They have extensive experience in helping people through a tough time with short-term loans. They can be contacted through their website at

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