Riding a bike is a great way to spend time in the outdoors while exercising at the same time. Choose a bike that suits your physical condition. Wear safety helmets and pads before starting your trip. Bike maintenance is an important part of ownership. Clothing should be loose and comfortable with reflective striping so others can you see on the road.


Cycling Safety Guidelines

Make a trip plan before you start riding. This can also prevent you from getting lost. Do not listen to music while riding your bike. You need to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Keep your hands on the handlebars, and wear gloves to get a better grip. Feet should be planted firmly on the pedals. Do not wear sandals, because you can easily lose your shoes while riding. Know and obey the local traffic laws and rules. Lock your bike when parked to prevent theft.



Cycling Health Benefits

Cycling provides a number of health benefits including developing a stronger immune system. You get a great work out while pedaling your bike. Sweating is actually good for the skin, and you will increase your energy level. Weight loss is another healthy benefit of cycling. If you are a beginner cyclist, then you should ease into riding. Gradually increase the distance you ride each day. Cycling will also give you increased joint movement and flexibility. Exercise reduces your level of stress and helps you sleep.
Exercise such as cycling will also improve your cardiovascular fitness level. It strengthens the heart while increasing blood and oxygen circulation. Cardiovascular fitness reduces your risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. Cycling will tone your body and replace fat with muscle. It also places less stress on knees and ankles than aerobics or running.


Research shows that an increase in physical activity plays a major role in reducing anxiety and improving your mood. Outdoor cycling exposes you to natural sunlight that is a good source of vitamin D. This nutrient may help prevent osteoporosis, breast and prostate cancer.

Consider installing a bike rack on your vehicle so you can take advantage of city bike lanes and paths. Most parks and recreation departments maintain bike paths that offer you a wonderful view of lush landscaping. You should also consider riding your bike to work. This will save money on gas while giving you a good work out. The best part about cycling is the fact that people of all ages can enjoy riding. It does not cost a lot of money to get started on a new hobby.


Go to to learn more. Join bike-riding clubs where you travel as a group. This is a safer way to bike especially in the city. Always wear a helmet that fits properly to protect your head and face. Maintain your bike by inspecting it each time you ride. Bike-riding clubs can help you choose the best bikes and gear. Improve your level of health and well-being by cycling at least one hour each day with a friend or family member.