Teak is a tall, tropical tree found in southeast Asia. Teak wood is highly valued for many purposes, including wood furniture. There are many things to consider when buying wood furniture including: color, durability, maintenance and price. Teak has certain advantages that other woods don’t.

Teak wood changes color with age. The wood begins with a soft, light honey brown color and then matures to a cooler silver grey color. This change is accelerated by weathering and sunlight. As teak is a valuable wood, it is often repurposed. Thus some teak furniture may come in the more silvery state already. Whichever shade you prefer, teak has a delightfully neutral tone that blends well with most settings.


Teak Table


Teak is a very strong and durable wood. Its tight grain gives it hardness and workability. The overall strength of teak wood is greater than that of most common North American woods including: pine, oak, maple, elm and cedar.

One of the main reasons teak wood is such a sought after building material is that it is very low maintenance. Teak is naturally water-resistant due to its high oil content. All trees contain oils for protection. Teak retains these oils even after processing making it very weather resistant. These oils also help to protect teak wood from dry rot and termites, which are common problems in wooden furniture. It is worth noting that not all teak wood contains the same level of these properties. Sapwood, from the outer layer of the tree, will not be as robust as heart wood, from the inner core of the tree. This is something to take into consideration when purchasing teak furniture and is often reflected in the cost.

Teak Chestdrawer

Teak is a higher priced wood than other common North American varieties. Often more than twice the price of oak or pine furniture, teak wood is definitely an investment. When considering purchasing teak furniture, don’t let the price throw you. Teak furniture won’t need to be weatherproofed yearly, as with other woods and will last a long time. It is less likely to need constant upkeep and protective methods for rot and pests. All the extra care that can go into furniture from other woods adds up in cost. While teak may be more expensive initially, it saves money in the long run.

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