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Other Uses for Coffee Tables

It’s easy to collect too much furniture from relatives gifting family heirlooms or from a simple change of decor, but piling a collection of furniture in the basement certainly isn’t going to dwindle that stack of storage. By finding ways to repurpose what you have instead of collecting more can not only help free up some storage space, but can save precious dollars that can be added to savings or used for entertainment. Some creativity and a little maneuvering is all it takes to find a new place for these unused pieces in a home.

Coffee tables are some of the easiest pieces to repurpose. They are the perfect size for a longer plant stand to nestle underneath a large window. This gets plants off the floor and closer to the sun– a great way to foster a green thumb and show off some decorating skills! Just remember to protect the table from water damage by placing trays under the plants. It doesn’t do any good to repurpose a piece if it is going to ruin it in the end! Check out the trendy Ethnicraft’s coffee table


Cool Glass Coffee Table


This kind of table is also a perfect shape and size to use a bench. Putting it at the end of the bed, in a large bathroom, or up against a wall under a piece of art can really make a statement in a living space. Of course, make sure the specific table is sturdy enough for this type of use, or simply use it as decor or light use. This is a little trick used by many stylists for home decor magazines to show areas of activity in a space and breathe some life into a room. Who doesn’t want their home to look as picture perfect as a magazine?


Coffee table for bedroom



Think that’s it? How about using it as a side table? Perfect for nestling alongside a chaise lounge or sectional sofa, these tables can provide an alternative to the typical shape that is usually seen with small side tables. This can add some visual interest as well as create a perfect nook for reading and drinking tea. Something truly luxurious and different to add to a space.


 Side Table



By thinking outside the box and finding new ways to use furniture, a home decor style can truly be brought up a notch. Not only does this allow for more variety in a home, but can help achieve a result without having to buy a specific piece of furniture. Many items can easily be turned or styled in a slightly different way and suddenly change into a whole new look. All it takes is a little bit of experimentation!

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