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A Guide to Makeup and Getting Ready for Date Night

Going out on a date is always fun! Whether it is a new date with someone you don’t know very well but are getting to know better, a very first date, or a date with your long-time partner, you of course want to look as nice as possible. This article will focus on some of the main ways to prepare for your big night out. Read on to learn more.

The most important thing for date night will be your makeup. Your makeup should always be simple and elegant. Most of your variations in makeup will depend on where exactly you are going. Are you going to a formal black tie affair? Or are you going to a fancy restaurant? If either of these, you should glam up your makeup a bit. Apply a light moisturizer, followed by your foundation with a foundation brush, then dab a bit of liquid cheek blush on the apple of each cheek. Blend all the way, and brush over one sweep of matte bronzer for contouring. Now you are ready for the eyes.

Apply eyeliner with a brush so that can get it in between all of your eyelashes. Follow this by using a smudge brush to smudge the eyeliner on the top lid. Follow with a small amount of liner on the bottom lash line in the outer corner. Finally, apply a thin layer of mascara.

Date night Look



Now, focus on your brows and lips. Make sure that any stray hairs have been plucked out around your brows and that there are no extra long hairs within your brows. Comb with a brow brush, now use a brow pencil in your chosen color to fill in sparse areas and create an arch. Finish your makeup with a light coat of your favorite lipstick and a small dab of lipgloss to complete the look.


Date Night Look Guide

Probably one of the most important things to remember is to start preparing for your date far in advance. During the week before you date, trying to brainstorm about what you would like to wear. If you can’t think of anything in your closet, do a little online shopping or hit the mall to shop around. Watch the weather in advance too to avoid wearing something too cold or too hot for date night. Follow all of this advice, and you will be sure to look stunning when the big evening arrives. Learn more makeup tips from Sakura Review.

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3 Simple Everyday Makeup Guide

Every woman is looking for the perfect balance of style and convenience when putting on her makeup every day. With so many beauty tips out there, it is often confusing as to which tips and tricks will work the best. This article will help decipher which beauty guidelines are the best for everyday makeup that can easily go from work to party with a few simple adjustments.


Skin Protection IconTip #1: A Healthy Foundation

Healthy skin is essential for every woman, no matter her age. Developing a cleansing ritual everyday is the first step toward lasting beauty. In addition to cleansing, a daily beauty routine should always include sunscreen. Even if it is an overcast day, protecting the face from the sun’s harsh rays is a step that cannot be skipped! Once these steps are complete, it is time to apply a light foundation. The best tip for applying foundation is to use a brush, which will ensure an even application of the product. Follow foundation with a small amount of powder, only if necessary, on oily areas.


Eye IconTip#2: Enticing Eyes

It is true that, “the eyes are the window to the soul,” so why not make them stand out as much as possible when applying makeup? Eye makeup can easily go from work to play with a few simple adjustments. First, start with an eye shadow pallet that will highlight your natural eye color. Use a medium shade on the eyelid, a lighter shade on the brow bone, and a darker shade in the crease. Blend the colors evenly and then follow with a small amount of eyeliner for the workday. More eyeliner can easily be added to change from day to evening makeup. Use an eyelash curler and, finally, apply mascara to both the top and bottom lashes.


Makeup Tutorial: The Wing For Spring



Lip IconTip #3: Luscious Lips

Finally, pick a shade of lipstick that is appropriate for each situation. One shade of lipstick does not fit all occasions! First, use a natural lip liner that is the same shade as your actual lip. Then, apply a coat of Chap Stick to moisturize lips before applying color. Make sure to choose a more neutral color for professional situations and save the dramatic colors for nights out on the town!

There are hundreds of beauty tips and tricks that will help make every woman feel her best on a daily basis. Starting with healthy skin, applying eye makeup that is complementary to a woman’s natural eye color, and choosing a lipstick that is right for every occasion are a few guidelines of the many. More advice from New York Skin Solution


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