The number of websites in need of SEO services is rapidly growing. Thousands of websites and blogs are set up every day but majority of those who own these sites don’t know how to optimize them for the search engines. This leads to the growing demand for companies and consultants offering all kinds of SEO products and services. Needless to say, there’s a ton of SEO firms and professionals out there. Here are the most common types of optimization services that are currently being offered in the market.

  • Link building. If you are a website owner, you want to have as many links as possible pointing to your site because these links can make all the difference between whose number 1 on the results page and who’s on number 50. This is why most SEO company include link building in their priority services. The most popular link building strategies include article marketing, blog commenting, social media marketing, and directory submissions.
  • Content creation. The most important aspect of content creation with regards to SEO is the effective usage of relevant keywords and phrases. The articles and even the images or videos that you publish in your website must all contain relevant keyword terms. Firms and individuals offering SEO services will help you find these keywords and teach you how you should integrate these into your content. Content creation does not stop with the content published in your site. It may include the articles you submit to web 2.0 sites like article directories and social networking sites.
  • SEO auditing. This service aims to audit a website and look for weaknesses that may be preventing the site from being crawled and ranked in the search engines. The firm will then notify the client about suggested strategies that it may implement to address the weaknesses audited earlier. Usually, a firm does this auditing process first and foremost before implementing other SEO services.
  • SEO monitoring. This service keeps track of the developments in the optimization process. This is to find out if the strategies implemented were getting any results. A firm should regularly provide the client with a copy of all the data they tracked and gathered.
  • SEO-friendly website design. This service makes sure that a website is designed in a way that makes the site easier to be crawled and indexed by search engine spiders.

These are the SEO services you should be looking for in an SEO firm if you are planning on hiring one.