Everyone loves getting flowers. Sending someone flowers is the perfect way to let people know that you are thinking of them. Although flowers are very beautiful, you also need to do a little work to add to their beauty. This work involves coming up with something lovely to say on the card. The blank space on the card really seems to terrify some folks. There is no need for you to fear writing your thoughts on the card. Here are some tips to help you if you are struggling expressing your feelings on a flower card.


Something Simple

The cards that come with most flowers are pretty small. This means that you do not have to come up with an epic poem when you are writing your message on the card. It is best to keep the message to four lines or less. If you write any more than that, it will not fit on the card very elegantly.

There is nothing wrong with writing a very short message on the card. The classic phrase, “Thinking of you,” always works very well on a flower card. If you are sending the flowers to someone you love, you can express you love simply just by writing, “I love you.”


A Little Poem

Of course, if you are sending the flowers as a romantic gesture, there is nothing better received than a poem on the card. You do not have to be Shakespeare when it comes to creating a poem on the card. You just have to write a few lines that rhyme. You can look up a poem if you want to, but writing a poem of your own creation is much preferable.


Love message Comic Message

One of the best ways to approach writing on the card is to not take it too seriously. Unless you are sending the flowers to a funeral, a comic message will be well received by most people. If you have a knack for comedy, this is a good occasion to make use of it.


Keep It Upbeat

You need to keep things upbeat with your card. After all, you are sending the flowers to lift someone’s spirits. You do not want to bring them down with a sad message in the card even if you are writing it to try to comfort them. Make sure that you keep things hopeful in the card even if you are sending the flowers to someone who is sick. A message like, “You can beat this!” is a great sentiment for a flower card sent to someone who is in a hospital.


Make It Personal

Don’t forget to address the recipient by name in the card. Also, you need to sign the card as well. You don’t want the person who is receiving it to have to guess who the flowers are from.


The Gift of Flowers Is Magical

No matter what kind of situation people are facing, there is nothing like flowers to brighten their day. When you take the time to start sending flowers just like pink carnation for Mother’s Day, you will definitely be doing a good deed. Just make sure that you put some thought into constructing a kind message that will enhance the beauty of the flowers. When you send beautiful flowers with a beautiful message, it is a guaranteed success.