The cycling jersey hasn’t changed too much in the past 30 years of professional cycling. From the yellow jersey of the Tour de France; to the local cycling club’s jersey. The cycling jersey remains full of bright colors, company logos, and seems to fit way too tight. Yet, there is a reason why the these jerseys continue to squeeze the circulation out of our bodies. Here are some of the best reasons to keep on wearing that cycling jersey tight to your body.




Reduce Drag

There is constant wind resistant when riding a bicycle. A baggy or loose fitting jersey will only capture more wind and cause greater resistant for the rider. This makes it harder for the cyclist to ride faster and farther. In professional cycling, where every second counts, cyclists where skin tight jerseys to increase speed and reduce effort. Some of the most advanced jerseys will reduce effort by 15 to 20 percent. Wearing a tighter jersey will make the next ride a little less strenuous.


superman cycling jersey




Moving at fast speeds is always dangerous. On a bicycle, a person is exposed to all of the surrounding outside elements. When someone is riding through the forest on a mountain bike or racing in the peloton; the last thing they need is for a piece of clothing to catch an object and cause a painful crash. Tight jerseys decrease the risk of accidentally getting caught on a tree branch or someone else’s handlebars. Be safe and always wear a tight cycling jersey.


yellow dots cycling jersey



Wick Moisture

Cycling is an extremely aerobic intense activity. A cyclist will work up a sweat even on cold winter rides. The synthetic material of a cycling jersey is specifically designed to wick moisture away from the body. This wicking keep cyclists cool and dry during a long ride. In order for the wicking material to work properly, the jersey must be tight to the body to absorb and remove the sweat from the skin. A tight jersey keeps everyone dry and comfortable.


eye on jersey




As with any outdoor activity that brings people far from shelter, a cyclist must prepare for changing weather conditions. The sky may open suddenly and dump buckets of rain or the setting of the sun will chill the air. In either case, a tight fitting jersey allows cyclists to slip a jacket on or off. Tight jerseys allow cyclists to build multiple layers without feeling bulky on their bike. Also, the stretchable tight fitting material of cycling jerseys make them easy to store and transport while riding a bicycle.


layer cycling jersey


A cycling jersey is not just about being fashionable while riding a bike. There are many functions to the tight fitting form of the cycling jersey. So, the next time you shop for cycling jerseys, make sure to get one that is snug.